Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday August 12, 2013

Hello!! This week has been crazy but good! We left from St George Tuesday morning, had to say my goodbyes to Sister Sporl and all the other sisters in St George. I was so nervous to be full proselyting and out in the middle of no where but I love it. So I was told a lie.. We are not 3 hours from St George but about 1.5! So Sister Roth and I had a long drive to get to know each other. Again I was nervous, but I love her! We have a lot in common and get along really well. She is from Moses Lake, Washington. She is a convert of about 20 months. Super awesome! She is super outgoing and bold with people so I am excited because I know I can learn a lot from her!
Well the Kaibab area is amazing!! So we actually live in Kanab 5 nights and Cane Beds the other 2. Our area is Kanab, Kaibab, Moccasin, Jacobs Lake, Fredonia, Hilldale, Centennial park, Cane Beds, and Colorado City. It is HUGE! Which is why we have 2 houses we stay in. Every week we have to travel an hour to Hurricane for our District Meetings, and that is when we can go to Walmart to grocery shop.
So my first night out here last week we decided to go tracting. No answer, no answer, not interested, was a member once.. The usual. We come upon another house where it was similar. An inactive who didn't want to talk. We walk away and then he calls us back. He decided he wanted to talk. Well little did we know he did NOT want to talk about religion but instead BEAVERS! Hahaha he loves beavers and is convinced that beavers is our only hope. That beavers are the ones to save the world. God and man should not be controlling the earth but beavers. Hahaha it was a great first night in Fredonia. People are crazy out here but I love it.
We have 3 investigators right now. The Robinson sisters from 10-15 years old. They're parents are less active but wanting to come back and the girls are wanting to get baptized. They are great and hopefully will be able to progress more towards baptism soon.
We have been visiting a lot of less actives because that's pretty much what everyone is here I swear. So the work on non members is slow right now but we are having confidence we will find more to teach soon! We do a lot of service out here, which I love! A lot of nonmembers or less actives won't listen but when we do service for them their perspectives change so we keep praying and waiting on a few of those we do service for!
We thought we found a golden boy at the park last week. We talked to him and his friend (who is a member) for about 20 minutes. They are 14. We exchanged numbers and decided to call his parents later to see if we could meet with them. Well we got the phone call first.. His mom left a message and was furious that we would talk to someone under age. We called back to apologize but there was no room to talk. So there went that "golden" boy haha.  
Then Friday night we drove out to Cane beds and stayed the night there. We did some tracting there a little in the morning and then headed out to Colorado City! Yess the part you have all been waiting for! Well we first went and got lunch and went to go eat it at a park. Little did we know the Polygs were throwing a party there. Luckily every single person Sister Roth knows in Colorado City was there so we joined them :) There is 1 x-polygamist family (Don and Carol) that we are working with that was there, which was perfect because we were going to go visit them after lunch! It is so funny to take a step back and think sometimes... Who knew this would be life right now! I love it! As Sister Roth and I were talking to Carol a polygamist man came up and asked "If Utah legalizes polygamy do you think your church will practice polygamy?" We told them we weren't sure but if God commanded that then I guess so... They didn't like that answer.. Haha whoops. Interesting people those polygamists are!
Yesterday we went to 2 of our wards. It was great! One of the less active boys Conner, we have been working with came for the first time in a long time so it was good!!!!! Got him to go to Sunday school even!
Anyways, that is my first week in Kaibab in a nut shell! Pray that we will find more to teach! 


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