Friday, January 31, 2014

Crab Legs

Hi Sister Allen

We had the pleasure of having your daughter and her companion over for dinner this week, and I wanted to send a couple of photos.  I also had the opportunity to drive them around the neighborhood while they did some tracting.  I just wanted to let you know that she is doing a great job, and seems to be really happy.

You'll see her holding up some crab legs in the photo...we did get her to try them, but I don't think she was a fan.  When we found out that it was Sister Phagwah's birthday, and that she loved crab, we decided to add some to the menu.

Take care,

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 29, 2014

Hello, How's it going??

Well guess what? Heavenly Father still loves us and continues to bless us every-single-day! He continues to amazeme constantly!

We got 3 new investigators this past week! And all super solid!!!!

So there is a girl named Kyara (13 but way mature for her age) who we have been trying to meet with since day 1 of being in the area. Sisters had taught her back in September but then just lost contact I guess.. Literally they never opened the door and we would go multiple times each week. Well we decided to try them again last week and lo and behold as we knock on their door we see their truck pull up. WAHOO! So we met her moms boyfriend (both LA) and next thing we know Kyara walks outside! And we just got to know her for a while and she invited us inside. Turns out as she was meeting with the missionaries before she told them the whole time she wanted to be baptized in March on her great grand mothers birthday and so they kind of dropped her. Well guess what? March is just around the corner! She told us she still wants to be baptized then too! So we are meeting with her tonight for our first official lesson with her and are going to set this specific date for her to be baptized! So excited! And of course re-activate her mom and her boyfriend in he process.

So I think I talked about Lisa a few weeks ago but we hadn't been able to meet with her since. Well we finally got in contact with her again and taught her and her 2 sons joined us! (new investigators there) It went really well. Her sons are 12 and 11 and they are great. So involved with YM and scouts. The felowshippers are great here. Now if only we could find one for her husband, Darren. He hasn't sat in on the lessons and is not as interested but hopefully we will be able to get a really good fellowshipper for him  help out there.

Also, last week I forgot to talk about Naomi's baptism... Well it didn't happen. Her mom woke up a few days before with her leg completely numb. She finally decided to go to the doctor the day of the baptism and turns out she has a disc in her spine that is bulging and hit a nerve. But Naomi is getting baptized this SaturdayThird times a charm, right? 

Yesterday was Sister Phagwahs birthday and we had a really good day. Spent half of it in the Visitors Center and the directors made her a cake- pink of course. Then we had 2 lessons, stopped by and visited with Naomi and her family and went to dinner with the LeRoy family. (Who let us skype at their house for Christmas) Anyways, it was a really good night.

Well time is running out of course.

Love you!!!

~Sister Allen

 Nine months in the mission field.

 The LeRoy family. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 22, 2014- The start of transfer #7

Hello, How's it going?

Ok So I forgot my last planner so I don't even remember what's happened since last week. I have no idea where time goes.

But I have something very exciting I forgot to write last week.. Don't ask me how I forgot! Ok every missionaries dream voice mail: "Hi Sisters, This is Bishop. I have a friend that wants to get baptized in about 1 month and would like 3 lessons a week. Please give me a call back as soon as possible!"  Um you can imagine what happened when we got that.. Yep, we screamed!!!!!! Of course we called him back right then. So his name is Andy. And he is (obviously) so ready!!!!!!!! We met with him twice last week and again tonight. He has met with missionaries about 1 year ago and felt ready for baptism but he said he felt like the missionaries wouldn't let him progress, like they never even talked about baptism and so he dropped them after the 6th lesson! So all you missionaries out there, or even normal members- expect miracles! People are ready all around us and we don't even know it! Speaking of.. So like 2-3 weeks ago we went to the mall on Pday and stopped at a jewelry store to see if they could fix my watch. We were kind of in a hurry because Pday time is precious so we didn't even bring up the gospel to the guy helping us and after we both felt bad and felt like we should've said something... Well guess who that person was!? ANDY! Yep when we first met him at our fellow shippers house we were like freaking out. The Lord has our back, thank goodness! Listen to the spirit and act upon it!!!! We learned out lesson there. Anyways, we put Andy on date 1st lesson for February 23rd!!! Wahoo! He's so golden!

We met James again and he is still good. Wants to get baptized, but still held up with coffee or as he said "WOW" AKA Word of Wisdom haha so funny! Love him! His wifes father just passed away which is who he wanted to baptize him in California so maybe he will just do it here now. They need some time to cope and deal with the funeral so who knows when we will see them next.

Oh we talked in church Sunday. I think it was my 7th talk on my mission? Anyways, it was good. It was on our Testimony of Jesus Christ so that was easy to talk about.

Transfer Call: I am staying with Sister Phagwah and staying in our area. I'm super excited to stay in this area. It is progressing so much! 2 of the pictures are from transfer day. Sister Luebbert is going to Beaver and one of my favorite poly sisters, Sister Pene is going up to Richfield. Sad day but glad they will get the outbound experience! I kinda miss it. But love the Visitors Center too. Bitter sweet. The other picture is our last DTM as a district! Luckily, only 1 elder is leaving.

Hey well I'm running out of time. Know that I love you all!

~Sister Allen
107 S 1470 E STE 304
St George, UT 84790

Sister Caroline Luebbert

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hello, How's it going?

Sad news- Naomi and Anthony did not get baptized Saturday :( Their mom was sick and so they weren't able to come down to the Visitors Center for their baptismal interviews and I guess Anthony isn't sure if he wants to be baptized now. Their mom thinks there is pressure from their dad to not get baptized. But Naomi is still on top of it and very excited!! They just have all been sick so it might go on this weekend and might not. Whooo knows. 

We did have a very good lesson with James though!!!! He met us at the Visitors Center and we took him through "Gods Plan for his Family" and showed him pictures of the inside of the St George Temple. It was sooo good! He asked lots of questions and told us he wants to be sealed to his wife and children! As far being baptized he has been "very busy" and so hasn't picked a date (or place) yet. But we are seeing him again tonight soooo we are going to pick a date!!!!!! He's so ready. Pray for him that he may feel the need to be baptized sooner rather than waiting for who knows what. Maybe we should read Alma 34:33 with him. We will follow up on that next week ;)

Ok so I'm not sure if I have talked about Kanani and her sons at all, Hayden (9) and Jeremiah (6). But we tracted them out about 3 weeks ago I think? Kanani is in-active and so her son Hayden has not been baptized. We had 1 lesson with them 2 weeks and did a fun little Church, Pray, Read game with them. And they just loved it! We have been trying to set up another time to meet with them and they want to but are extremely busy. She works 2 jobs everyday plus with all heir extracurricular activities they are a busy family. But let me tell you, I LOVE THEM! They are Samoan so I automatically love them. But there are 2 Samoan sisters here in the VC so they are teaching me little phrases in Samoan so every time we go to visit I tell them a new phrase I've learned and they always just laugh at me because Samoan is really hard and I'm sure I butcher it every time.. But it's fun. Anyways, we just decided to stop by there last night. Which by the way, we had 4 lessons last night and ALL of them cancelled!!!!! Grrrr. but it was good. We just were able to go and get to know them more and just really become friends. Listen up, it is sooo important to gain the trust of non-members, and in actives. There doesn't need to be a formal lesson every time. And for all you member missionaries out there. Reach out to your neighbors! People just need to feel loved, wanted and feel the spirit through you! 3 Nephi 12:14-16

Ok so somehow we are continuing to see miracles here! Our heavenly Father truly loves us!!! :) We got 2 new investigators this week! One is Lisa. She was meeting with the sisters like 3 months ago but somehow just stopped meeting with them so we finally decided to go and see what happened. Turns out she has just been busy with the holidays and that's it really. She has great fellow shippers and came to church Sunday! And she loves it! Her husband isn't too sure about it and so I think that holds her back. She also has 2 sons (11 and 12) and they love their scouts and YMs. Anyways, she already brought up baptism!!!! Wooo! We are offically gonna have our first appointment with her in a couple days so I'm excited. 
Next is Melinda. She is married to a LA man and they live with his active parents! She has been coming to church with them and everything so we went over, met her, and set up a time so we can come teach her. The lord is putting prepared people in our paths! It is just simply amazing! 

We also went to the Beehive Home (Old Folks Home) here in our area and visited with the residents there yesterday. We met a lady named Barbara who isn't a member but said she likes to live like she is one. She has great friends that are members that are working with her and so we will continue to try with her.

I LOVE THIS WORK! I love this area and I love these people! Transfer calls are this Saturday and transfer day is next Tuesday! And I'm freaking out.. as always! You get to an area, love it, then have to leave and are sad.. and it starts all over again! But it's great. That is the mission life.

I hope you all are doing great!!!! LOVE YOU!

~Sister Allen

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 8, 2014- Miracles!

Hello, How's it going?

Ok I have spent too much time personally emailing everyone so sorry if this is shorter..

Exciting news- We have 2 baptisms this Saturday! Ya, where did that come from? The Lord, the spirit.. you name it! So I have talked about Naomi (10) and Anthony (9) a bit. So we committed them to baptism last week but couldn't pick a date because their parents weren't there on that lesson. So the next day we went back and they said they wanted to be baptized this weekend. It just worked out perfect because their uncle is coming in to town and so they would like him there. I just love these kids. They have such a desire to learn and they are so smart. They retain everything! I love it.

I also talked about James, our eternigator, last week. Well we met with him again and guess what? He wants to be baptized!!!!!!!!! Yes the James that has met with sisters for 2-3 years and never ever wanted to be baptized. He wants to be baptized in California but hey better than not at all, right. So he hasn't picked a date but we are meeting with him tonight at the Visitors Center and we are so excited!! We are going to show him 'God's Plan for his Family' and talk about the temple and it is going to be great! Hey all you Mesa people, go to the Visitors Center! It is so fantastic, and if you feel like crying just go to 'God's Plan for his Family' it works every time. But if it is like ours there is Kleenex box's in there just in case ;)

We have a new investigator, Jessica, too that I haven't talked about yet. The week before I came in to this area she saw the sisters walking by and offered them cookies. Turns out she is Catholic and is married to a less active member, Dayton. So right before Christmas we went over and shared a Christmas message with them and when Dayton gave the prayer at the end he started to cry. It was so tender! But they were then out of town for while so we stopped by a few nights ago and set up another time. I am so excited to teach them. They are the cutest, little family!

Oh more exciting news- So in the Visitors Center we have an hour everyday to go in the 'Teaching Center' where we can call people over the phone to teach them. Whether its people that come in to the center, referrals, people that call us through, or friends back home even! Salt Lake actually just told us that we can call our non-member friends to teach them!!! I am so excited! So hey if you have any one you want me to call I will!!!!!

Well I am just loving this time. I got my 'halfway papers' this week and I kinda freaked out! They gave me a copy of the goals I made my first day in the field so I could go over them. 

Love you all!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2, 2014

Hello, How's it going?

Well this week, as last week, has been different for us missionaries with New Years Eve and New Years Day. New Years Eve was a normal day until 6pm and then we got to watch Ephraim's Rescue with our District. It was fun and I LOVE that movie! New Years Day was weird because we assumed it was a normal day so we had appointments all lined up. Throughout the day though we found out it was like Christmas, just a relaxed day but we had things planned so everyone played sports all day while we had lessons. Except we did get to meet our district for bowling but of course we had a lesson right after so we only stayed for about 30 minutes. 
Our lessons went really well though so we feel super blessed about that. Our first one was with Cory and Andy. Cory is a LA and her son, Andy, got baptized about a year ago. We had tracted them out earlier in the week. Anyways, we went in with a lesson planned but switched it half way through because we felt like he needed something different. Cory's husband had left them a while ago and so Andy has been really down and hasn't felt loved and had lots of questions about God. We were able to put him to peace, to let him know that God knows and loves him. Greatest feeling ever when you can help someone realize that. That's what this gospel is for. To bring peace and joy into our lives as we strive to come closer to our Heavenly Father and truly live the gospel! Ah love it.
Our other lesson was with Naomi and Anthony, they are 9 and 10. Their mother is LA and their dad is not a member. We have tried so many times to meet with them and it never actually happened until last night. Unfortunately, their parents were not home but their (active) grandparents were so we went ahead and taught them anyway. We committed them both to baptism but couldn't set a date without their parents there. We are meeting with them againtomorrow thought so hopefully we can put them on a for sure date! Woohoo!
So we have 2 eternigators (eternal investigators). I'll start with James. So James has been meeting with the missionaries for 2-3 years. His wife is a strong, active member and so he goes to church with her and their son everySunday! So we went over there this last week and met with him for the first time since I've been here. We had planned to talk about baptism and confirmation. I really wanted to find out what has been holding him back. Turns out the only thing holding him back is coffee. He believes the Book of Mormon is true, he believes Joseph Smith was a prophet and President Monson but somehow he just can't wrap his head around that coffee isn't good for you. He struggles too that members of the church drink caffeine and energy drinks and says those are just as bad. He said before when he met with missionaries they challenged him to go 30 days without drinking coffee and he did, but on the 31st day he drank coffee again. He said he can live without it but just doesn't think it's necessary. Agh! So our commitment to him was to really pray about it, to pray to have that understanding of the Word of Wisdom and the desire to live it. We also gave him a baptismal calendar to pray over a date when he can prepare himself to be baptized. I'm telling you he is so ready! Stupid adversary. Ok something funny about James.. he gives all the sisters that meet with him nicknames.. So I am now Sister Short Legs. My feet couldn't touch the ground when I sat on his couch :( But hey neither did Sister Phagwah's but she was already named Sister Catwomen because she hates cats! Hahaha
Ok now on to, Pat. Pat hasn't been meeting with missionaries quite as long as James but he has been attending church every Sunday as well and paid his tithing for 1 whole year now too, oh and also reads the Book of Mormon all the time! I'm pretty sure he is more active than some of the members here. Haha. He is also married to an active member. (You find that everywhere here in Southern Utah!) We went over to get to know him more and really find out what's holding him back. He has a few random issues but really not much. He just hasn't felt that feeling yet that this is what he needs to do. We gave him a baptismal calendar also and asked him to really pray specifically to receive answers. He is going out of town with for work for a week or so but I am so excited to meet with both him and James again. They are both so prepared, I'm telling you!! They both have testimonies but just like to deny it.
Anyways, our area seems to be progressing and I am so so excited about that! It's already almost week 5 of this transfer and that freaks me out! Where does this time go! Also, I have less than 9 months left! What!?
Well, love you all and hope you have a great week!!!!
Sister Summer Allen