Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday August 5, 2013

Hello, How's it going? It is still so crazy that you and dad are in the MTC right now! It is so insane that we are both on missions! Your dream come true.. Haha I just never thought it would happen. But I could not be more glad with our decisions to serve! :) You and dad will love it. Although, it'll be hard. You will be so blessed and happy!
So nothing too exciting happened this week.. I can't even remember. Oh we did run into a Jehovah Witness this week. That was interesting! She let us in to her home right away and then just tried to bible bash... All we could do was testify. She would always interrupt though so it was hard. But an experience I'll never forget. 
Oh so transfer calls were on Saturday!!!! This whole past week I just felt super stressed.. I think my body knew there was a big change going to happen. I would be praying and "I can do hard things" kept coming out. Whhhaaatttt!? Why was I saying this? I guess the Lord was preparing me for something unexpected. Everyone, including me, thought I would stay in my area. Well We got to the Visitors Center Saturday morning and everyone one by one would get their calls form the assistants. I swear I was the last sister! #stressin Soooo I am going to Kaibab! You know where that is? Me neither. But I know it's in the middle of the desert and 3 hours from St George! It's kinda near Kanab. My area is super huge that we have 2 apartments that we switch off at. My area goes into Arizona including Colorado City AKA Polygamist Town. And we DO teach there! Insane right!? I am super excited! Still in shock... but it'll be cool. Definitely different!
Anyways, well I don't have much else. I'm sure I will have  ton to tell next week tough!
Hope all goes well in the MTC this week mom and dad! Love ya!


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