Monday, October 14, 2013


Got to see The Nashville Tribute Band :)
Ok this week has been AMAZING!
We had 2 administrators from the MTC come and stay with us for 2 days! I guess they go out once a year with missionaries and see what they can do to better train people in the MTC for the field. It was great to have them, we learned soooo much from them! They are so bold! Like I thought I was bold.. Nope not even close compared to them. But they are so lovingly bold. They also had such great faith. One of them was with us when we did our Weekly Planning Friday and encouraged us to have faith in finding new investigators like a lot! And guess what!? We were able to get 3 new investigators in 2 days! They are way more solid than the 2 we even have now too! So we are way excited!
One of them is Levi who I have talked about before. He just moved back to Kanab. We met with him Saturday for the first lesson and invited him to be baptized and he said YES! He just doesn't know when yet because apparently he might be moving again :/ We are seeing him again tonight though so hopefully we can put him on date today!!!!
Bruce was able to become an investigator too. His wife is Sommer, a less active, who I know I have talked about a little bit. They want to start meeting with us more so we are way excited! When we saw her last week she said she didn't have a skirt for church so she would go when she got one and she was saying she loved maxi skirts! Well the whole week I kept having these thoughts that I should just give her my maxi skirt because I can't wear it on the mission anyway and I thought nooo that's weird. I don't know what she would say... Well we stopped by Saturday to see if they were coming and she said she didn't have a dress or skirt yet. Well perfect I just so happened to have my maxi skirt in the trunk! She was sooo excited and said they would be there! Sad story- they didn't end up coming because she worked grave yard and their little girl couldn't sleep but they promise they will be there next week and we have an appointment before than too so we will see!!!! Pray for them por favor!
K 3rd new investigator is Damian. We met up with Josh and he was with Connor (our LA boy we are working with) and Damian (non-member!!!) Well turns out Damian is more open and interested than Josh and we are going to start meeting with him too!!!!!
We had a stake party on Saturday out in Moccasin and it seemed like so many people were coming up to us saying they want us to meet with their neighbors, co-workers, etc.. Miracles I tell ya! I had been getting so frustrated with the lack of referrals here and BAM we got like 4 or 5 that night! And for families too! Sooo excited! Ahhhh the Lord is working miracles. We just have to have that faith that He can!!!!!
Random things: We were finally able to get some service projects! We helped clean out an apartment and let me tell you it was a mess! It blows my mind sometimes the homes we go in to. Then we also helped a less active, recent convert organize her scrapbook room!
The Nashville Tribute Band had a fireside/ concert last night for out stake and it was amazing! They called us up on stage to sing with them! Probably not their smartest move haha but it was so fun!
Anyways, I gotta go.. running out of time! I love you all! Keep sweet, and keep the faith!
Another jump shot
Bathroom shot in the church haha

 Moccasin church building



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