Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday October 21, 2013

 St George East Zone
Sister Sordes and I

 The Taite family :)
Telephone Booth (you would think I'm in England huh mom)
HUGE squash at Charlettes home :)
Ok first off, my 6 month mark is this week!!!!!!! INSANE! Like I seriously don't know where the time has gone. I remember when I first came out everyone said the time flies but I thought they were all lying to me haha but they weren't!
This week was pretty good. We had Zone Conference this week which was amazing and so good to see my Visitors Center Sisters again! A lot of Zone Conference was on.... Working with members! Who would've guessed it, right!? It was really good though and I think just what we needed. I have been frustrated with our ward mission leaders but I think we need to step up our part and help them to be more involved. So we are meeting with each of them this week separately so hopefully things will be better and progress more in every way.
We met with Levi again this week! Unfortunately only once because he's been sick and had job interviews and such.. We finished the first lesson with him this week though and I think it went really great. Everything made sense to him and he understood it all. And we got him to pray!!! Our first lesson with him he wouldn't. He said he would pray more about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon so we will see tonight. He said he is sitll interested in getting baptized but just isn't totally positive.. he has a hard time believing there is just 1 true church. So we are working on that..

We also had our last lesson with the Robinson girls this week. Super sad but now the ward is taking over the recent convert lessons. We also had dinner with them and it was sister Hollanders first time having tacos! Can you believe that? Haha she loved them though, and of course you know I did too. Although I don't know if they beat dads Watusi taco fest! ;)
We had to drop Josh this week :( He just wasn't progressing in any way. He wouldn't read from the Book of Mormon and we even tried reading it with him but no luck.. We had a couple with us that night too and they just did not get a long with Josh so it didn't really end on a good note. Which is so sad because Josh really has such a love for Christ and a great relationship but he is just not ready or open at this time.
So last week we were contacting in-actives and met Dave and Marcie. Dave is the in-active and Marcie is a catholic. The first time it was just Marcie and she was kinda busy but we set up a time to come back! Wahoo! So then when we went back Dave was there and not Marcie so we couldn't go inside but we chatted for probably 30 minutes on his porch. He says he has a desire to come back to church and eventually be sealed to his wife! Double wahoo! He really wants us to meet with them so we are calling him today to set up a new time when we can catch them both.
So funny story.. About 2 weeks ago we were at The Junction eating and this older man starts making small talk with us and we found out he was less-active then after lunch we went to find Greg (our other LA guy we've been working with) where he works and this guy was there!!! And he was like "Are you two following me?" Than last Pday we were eating at a different restaurant and he was there too and said the same thing!!! So we figured out where he lived and went to visit him this week. His name is Brother Hamblin and he is just the sweetest man. We talked to him for a while on his doorstep but couldn't go in because he is a "bachelor" and lives alone. He is great though. He loves family history and volunteers there every week but just has a hard time going to church. Well yesterday at Stake Coordination we found out that he was at church yesterday! I was sooo happy! If only all people were that easy!
Anyways, that is pretty much all for now! Hope you all have a great week!

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