Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday, Sept 9, 2013

Hello familia and amigos!
This past week we did a lot of tracting. Most of it being unsuccessful. Shocker right? But we did come upon Julie Rogers! She is a local artist and so amazing! You all should look her up online. Most of her work is church related. She is going to give Sister Roth and I prints too! So exciting! Sister Roth was in heaven because she is her favorite artist!
We also tracted out a girl named Sommer! She is in active and married to a nonmember and they have the cutest baby girl! She got baptized when she was 8 but hasn't been active since she was 14. She says she still believes most of it and would like her baby girl to be blessed in church and wants to be sealed to her and her husband! She has a problem with the Book of Mormon though. Her grandma was catholic and had this huge, old bible. And in the bible it talks about all other religions. It says that a man named Solomon Spalding wrote the Book of Mormon in 1817 and all sorts of weird, NOT TRUE stuff! So we were able to talk about the Book of Mormon and bear our testimonies on it. We set up a time this weekend to meet with her and her husband! So we'll see..
Tuesday night we had a leadership meeting and guess what it was about! Member missionary work and how to get the wards involved! YAY so great! President Center came here to Kanab for it and we had Elder Leavitt come and talk too. He is the Area 70 representative. It was amazing! Like I said before tracting is so hard. Especially in Southern Utah. Everyone here is in active or thinks they know all about mormons. 60% of our stake inactive! So most of the time we find those rude in actives. Haha! Referrals is the best! So don't be shy people, refer the missionaries to your friends!!!!
Wednesday night we had a ward party and were able to get a few referrals from there and meet some of the ward less actives so that was great! Each ward in our stake is trying to have a block party every month or so and that has helped to friendship the nonmembers and less actives! It's so great!
We met with Connor again this week. He came to the ward party and we had a lesson. He brought a nonmember friend, Josh, to the party too. He told us he was going to bring him and that Josh had lots of questions but didn't have his bible so he didn't want to talk religion that night. Ya it sounded kind of weird to us. The next day when we had the lesson he was there and it was perfect! At first we were nervous that he was going to Bible Bash with us but he didn't at all. He ended up having great questions and you can tell he was so genuine. The spirit was so strong!!! He asked us about faith and how to develop faith and how to act on it! SO amazing! Afterwards he told us he has been trying to find the missionaries for a long time and that he wants to meet with us. So we are giving him a church tour tonight!!!! I am excited!
We are still meeting with Casey.. Things are going slow because he is 12 but has the attention span and memory of a 5 year old I swear. Haha! It's been tough because his mom is less active and really wants to go back to church but she works Sunday. His mom also is now taking care of her 9 year old nephew so that is a new investigator. He actually is more attentive to the lessons than Casey! Anyways, we found a ride for them yesterday so the boys could at least go but they ended up staying Saturday night out at their grandmas so they didn't come! Bummer! So we are working slowly but still having faith. We are going to get her in touch with the Employment Specialist so hopefully she can find a job not on Sundays. We will see..
We tried to meet with Michelle again this week but weren't able to. She didn't text or call us back last time.. so pray we will hear from her soon!
Miracle moment- Last week when we were sitting here emailing we saw Levi! A guy we have been trying to find, but found out he moved. Well he came and sat by us and said he wants to take the discussions and that he went to church the Sunday before. UM WHAT? He went to church again yesterday and we are meeting with him today!
The Robinson's are still on date and getting baptized this Thursday! So they actually got pushed forward :) We are meeting with them tonight to finalize everything! I can not wait! They are such a great family and the spirit and holy ghost will be a nice addition to the home! ;)
Friday we drove to St George for ZTM and then I got to work in the Visitors Center that night. It was so good to be back. I needed a little bit of civilization again! It was so great to see all the sisters again too.
Ok now the best part! You all have been waiting for!!!!!! We had our mission conference on Saturday with Elder David A Bednar!!!! For 3 hours! We drove up in a bus with 2 zones and finally we got there after 3 hours! We were in the 4th row and directly in the center! It was the most amazing thing ever. He didn't talk to us, he talked WITH us! We had to study 3 talks over the last month or so to prepare us and the first half we talked about what we all learned in the talks! He asked us questions and ugh it was just so awesome! The last half we got to ask him questions! Even more awesome! The spirit was SO strong in there. That was one of the main things we talked about too- the spirit. He told us we don't need an apostle to answer our questions but just the spirit. And it is so true. No body asked the question I had and it wasn't answered by him or anyone else but I was able to receive answers from the spirit!!! Love it! Seriously we were in like could 50! I wish I would've brought my notes here so I could share more!!!!! Afterwards we all got to shake his hand and hug his wife! It was the neatest thing ever. We got a mission picture with them too! Best day ever!
Miracles are always happening! Just keep your eyes open for them!
Love you all! Hope you have a great week!



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