Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday, September 16th, 2013

Last week seems like forever ago so hopefully I will be able to remember all that went one!
I just finished my 3rd transfer INSANE! Now I'm on to transfer 4, that means at the end of this transfer I will have been out 6 months. That just blows my mind!!!
We got our transfer calls on Saturday and... I'm staying! Yay I am so glad to have more time here. And guess what!? I'm training! Ah! The new missionaries come in Wednesday and I will find out then who my new companion will be. I am excited though!!! I'm gonna be a mom ;)
So this week we didn't have much luck with finding new people to teach. We actually got dropped by someone. :/ Casey, the 12 year old boy we were teaching. His mom is just "too busy" right now and is stressing out. So we were super sad about that but will still go visit occasionally and will hopefully get them back on track.
Oh and the Robinson's didn't get baptized :( But they are forsure getting baptized this Saturday now. They just felt like they needed more time to prepare. So I am glad I will still be here for that! They had their baptism interview last week so everything is good to go!
We haven't been able to see Michelle since our first lesson! I don't get it because she is taking seminary and loves it but just hasn't been responding to us. Her friends say she is still interested but just busy so we will see.
We have been teaching a new boy, Josh. I think I mentioned him last week. He is friends with Connor, a less active boy we have been teaching. Josh goes to the Assembly of God church and LOVES his bible. We have met with him twice now. It is hard because I know he has a sincere heart, like he really wants to learn about our church but he's not very open. Does that even make sense!? So we gave him a church tour. We stopped to look at a picture of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane and the spirit was so strong when I was explaining the atonement. When we asked him how he felt looking at the picture he said "Christ should look better than that. I don't like this picture." Ahhh he needs to stop denying the spirit. Then we went into the chapel and again nothing. He said he felt nothing. No he did, I know it. You can't deny the feeling that's in there. He's so stubborn. But it was good, we were able to answer a lot of his questions. We met with him again and it was horrible. The member we had with us talked the whooollleee time and was trying to prove all this stuff to him. Sister Roth and I could not get a word in! But we are meeting with him again next week so hopefully it'll go better and he can progress more.
As for Connor.. The bishop told him to go to another church to see what it was like and that was just perfect. We met with him last night and he said the church he went to with Josh was so weird. He said it was not reverent at all and there was no spirit. Connor finally said he knows our church is true!!! So good! No if only we could get Josh to see that difference! We will keep working on him..
So yesterday, Sunday, was a bit different. We drove out and went to the Moccasin ward, my first time going to that ward. Afterwards we went to the Chatwins home, who is a family that lives in Colorado City. They used to be apart of the FLDS church but now listen to a polygamist church through the phone. It is called "Winstons Church" it is based out of Canada. So we joined them for their "church". It was 40 minutes long. Sounded a lot like ours. They talked about Moroni's promise and D&C 4 and they sing the same hymns as us.
We then got invited to the Centennial Park church which is the modern polygamist church. So we decided to go so we will be able to maybe understand them more and it will help us when we talk to them. Ok it was the weirdest thing ever!!!!!! Pretty much the sacrament meeting every Sunday is like testimony meeting but the priesthood pick on people oh and they don't do the sacrament. It was so strange to me. I felt like everyone was staring us down. Ya so uncomfortable.
Well I am out of time so I gotta go. I am looking forward for this week. It is going to be crazy busy but so good! Well love you all, hope you have a great day!

The Chatwins- Marvin and his 2 wives... and me! Hahaha

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