Monday, November 18, 2013


This week was absolutely amazing!!! It has been filled with so many tender mercies and miracles from the Lord!

Ok so last Monday before we came to email we went and stopped by Tobi's because we needed to give her the handkerchiefs so she could wash them before we painted them with her, and she was doing great! But when we went back later that day she was having such a hard time and thinking about postponing the baptism! Ahh the adversary. But the next day she was back on and then decided to push it forward to Dec 7th so Sister Hollander and I would for sure be here but now it's back to the 14th.. But either way we are all so excited for her. She is great! I love her so much! She told me that no matter how my mission goes that I accomplished my mission with her. Because she has met with so many missionaries and had experiences with the church for 40 years now and she is finally getting it. I just feel so blessed beyond belief this week!
We also got 2 new investigators and both super solid!!!!! And one of them is my first in Colorado City!!! So stoked for that. Her name is Tonya. It is actually our ward mission leaders cousin. She just moved to Colorado City from the colonies in Mexico with just 7 of her children. She went to Stake Conference last week and church this week with Brother Stubbs (Ward mission leader, her cousin). We had a great lesson with her this past week too. I guess she had some concerns with prayer. She knows that Heavenly Father answers our prayers but she just hasn't felt like shes gotten answers recently. So we talked about the spirit and how to recognize it more. At the end we asked her to pray and she asked if Sister Hollander would say it. Then after Brother Stubbs asked if we could all go around and say a prayer. Sounds kinda weird but it was the most amazing thing ever. By the time it got to Tonya we were all in tears I think. The spirit was so strong! It took her a while to realize that that was the spirit she was feeling but she eventually did. We gave her some great commitments for how to study prayer and recognizing the spirit in the Book of Mormon more thoroughly and we will be seeing her again tomorrow! Well I guess I won't because I am going on an exchange tonight til tomorrow night and I will be in Washington City, right by St George. But Sister Hollander and Sister Larsen will be going to see her :)
Our other new investigator is Sue. Bishop Jackson called us last week and said that this couple he has been working with for 2 years is finally ready to listen to us! The husband, Jim, is actually a member but been pretty inactive since he was a teenager and doesn't know a whole lot about the church. So we met with them on Thursday. It is so amazing how the Lord really has been preparing people for us and of course with the help of great members!!! Jim already started to read the Book of Mormon so hopefully we will get Sue on that track as well.
We met with Korrina and Joe this week out in Moccasin. Because Pearl wasn't there we didn't do the lesson we had planned and did a little neat Church Pray Read object lesson with them. The parents, Aaron and Katie, actually sat in and participated and we really got to know them more and gain their trust as well. Things have felt kinda slow with them but we have great faith they will all start to progress more!
Also the picture I attached is from Bonnie and Georges wedding reception this week. They are some LAs we have been working with. So excited to join them in the temple in August!!! :)
Well I'm running out of time but that pretty much sums this week up. It has been such a week of miracles though. I think so much has been because of prayers. I don't think I have ever prayed more or more sincerely in my life!!! Rely on the Lord. He is there to help!
Love you all. Have a great week :)


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