Monday, November 25, 2013


Hellooo family and friends! How's it going?? Things are great here in Kaibab! Just continuing to blossom :)
First off, Tobi is doing great!!!! She is still set on date for December 14th and is just soo ready!! We had 3 lessons with her this week and popped in a few other times as well. She is just so eager to keep learning more and she just accepts everything so quickly. It just shows that time is everything! She started meeting with missionaries over a year ago ya know? Even when I first got here in August she was not ready. But she is now. Oh my goodness, I never knew I could love someone so quickly. But she is one of my favorite people ever. So hilarious, caring, and talented. The picture I attached of the rock was painted by her! Isn't that so cute!!?? She made Sister Hollander and I both one. LOVE her! I better be here for her baptism. Transfers are on the 10th so I'm praying I will stay here or I will be so soo sad. But I guess our Heavenly Father does know best. Just have to remember that. Haha

We met with Jim and Sue again this week. Actually 3 times! They have only been wanting to meet once a week but it just happened we saw them 3 times :) We taught the rest of the Restoration and we thought it went pretty well. They are both reading from the Book of Mormon and praying together as well as individually! She texted us the day after though and asked if we could come over! (Panic attack) So we did and she gave us little pumpkin muffins she forgot to give us the night before! She also told us that she didn't want us to get our hopes up or think we are failing because they aren't ready or willing to come to church yet. But no of course we know some things take time. They are so prepared they just don't know it!! Then we went back last night because we forgot to give them the Restoration DVD to watch. Which was alright because it was an excuse to see them between appointments anyway. They has some questions too of how to get more into the Book of Mormon. It ended up being a really good discussion. Random embarrassing story: Jim came right at the end of when we were teaching the Restoration and so I told him "Pam can catch you up on what we have talked about so far." And everyone looked at me and said "Who's Pam?" Oh my gosh, we were all dying. I don't even know 1 single Pam out there in this world! Ever since then they all give me crap for it. But it's good. Now we have an inside joke, which I think has brought us closer. Weird I know. I'm so embarrassing oh my gosh. Hahaha!

Pearl, Korrina, and Joe cancelled this week and we kind of get the feeling that we may need to drop them. So sad. They are going to be out of town this whole week too so we will see..

We did get another new investigator though! We visited them last week but only the wife, Ashley was home and their 4 girls. We set up a few times to meet with them but keep cancelling but we were finally able to visit with them! She is a member but not active and he is not a member and actually grew up in Colorado City. If you knew his last name you would have caught that because there is only like 5 last names out there. Haha! But anyways, he has met with missionaries before but stopped about 1 year ago. He said he is ready now though and so we are so excited to start teaching their family!!

So this week we had an exchange. It was so weird being away from Sister Hollander for 24 hours. It was also so weird to leave Kaibab. I went to the Washington Fields area with Sister Davila. (I attached a picture of us too) It was good but also hard to adjust to new people and a new area. Reason #2 why I don't want to leave Kaibab. It is my home now! But I know I will have to some day.. Just hopefully not to soon. But the exchange was good and I learned a lot from Sister D. She has been out over a year now and so she is very bold with people. It was good to be with her for a day but I'm glad to back here in Kaibab.

During our District Training Meeting we had interviews with President and Sister Center. I was so nervous, I don't even know why. But they were great. I love them both so much. President always intimidates me but when we talk one on one it is so good. We talked a lot about the area and the work that is going on here. Sister Hollander and I have been wanting our area to be split because it is just so huge but I don't think that is going to happen. He says there is way more missionaries going home this transfer than is coming in so they may have to even close some areas. Scary! But I know we are safe. Oh exciting random news: We are getting a brand new jeep this weekend! The mission is getting 3 of them and we get one because of all our dirt and muddy roads! Haha so stoked for that! Which also means we have to drive in to St George to exchange cars! Yay civilization! ;)

Yesterday we talked in Fredonia 2nd ward on missionary work of course! It went pretty good I think (hope). There was a guy visiting from Mesa and turned out he lives like 1 mile away from us. Small world! He asked if there was anything that I needed him to take home so I gave him a few things. Such a tender mercy because I have been accumulating a lot of things on my mission already! Haha!

Well I better get going but I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!!  Love you all!

"What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?"

 Sister Davila in Washington Fields

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