Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014 The day after Mother's Day

Hi, how's it going??

This week was really good!!!!!

We had interviews with President and Sister Center. Which I always get super scared about but they always end up being good. This was probably the best yet though! :) It was so relaxed, and not even scary! President and I talked a lot about the Hispanics here in our area and how to best integrate them with the members. He helped me set some goals of what else I wish to accomplish on my mission and how I can be the best mission I can. Sister Center is awesome I just love her! We talked a lot about the things I've learned on my mission so far, what else I want to accomplish, what I want to be remembered by, etc.. It was good and just what I needed honestly. 

We went on exchanges this week with Hermana Rodriguez and Hermana Moyano. This time we got to go to their area, in Fillmore. We first drove to Nephi (20 min) picked up other sisters than on to Fillmore (1 hr). We got to have a sleep over us 6 sisters because the Nephi sisters were meeting with President and Sister Center the next day there in Fillmore. So Hermana Rodriguez and Hermana Moyano are in a Spanish area (obviously) so half our lessons that day were in Spanish but I would just add when I felt I needed to and Hermana Moyano would translate. It was good!!! Hermana Moyano and I were in the MTC together so it was fun to be with her for the day. I was reminded at how important it is to talk to everyone and not be afraid to just jump into the first lesson! On the way back home we listened to the new Nashville Tribute CD "My Call to Serve" that the Hermanas got and oh it was so good!!!!!!!!! 

We are still meeting with Maria! We were finally able to get her a Book of Mormon in Spanish! So when we got there I said "Maria guess what we have for you!?" and she replied so excitedly "My book!!!!!!!!" It was the cutest ever. I love her! We read the first chapter of Nephi with her and she is so excited to keep reading. I felt extremely prompted to invite her to be baptized even though we hadn't planned for it yet. But she thought for a minute and said she would think about it. We challenged her to take it to God, to pray if she should be so fingers crossed! She is so open so I think she will come along soon :)

Jacob got baptized Saturday! It was an awesome experience and to have his dad, Nathan, baptize him too was even better! 

Well I think that's all the big updates for now. It was so fun to be able to skype you, mom and dad!!!!!!!!! 

Love you all!!

~Sister Allen
107 S 1470 E STE 304
St George, UT 84790

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