Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014- St George bound

Hi, How's it going??

Transfer calls: I will be going back down to St George, serving in the Bloomington stake and also the Visitors Center. I will be in a trio again and will be with Sister Garcia and Sister Arnold. I served around Sister Garcia for 1 transfer before I came to Moroni so I know her pretty well. Sister Arnold came in the transfer I came up here so she just finished training. It should be an interesting transfer that's for sure! Oh and Sister Diaz will be staying here in Moroni and training a Colombian sister! I am so excited for her. She will be a great mission mama! 

We told the Cooks about our transfer calls during the day and so that night after we got home they all came running down the stairs with marshmallows and we all had a good 15 minute marshmallow fight. Ah I love their family so much and will miss living with them!!!!! I just have really felt apart of their family and like their kids are my own nieces and nephews I could never express my thanks for them enough!

I have mixed emotions! More so sad now than anything else.. I was doing okay and felt like it would be good for me to go a new area.. Well yesterday was just a really really good day! I have felt so much love from everyone here.. Every single meeting they announced I was leaving and I guess I just didn't realize at how much I was really appreciated or had really helped. (I'll thank stupid satan for that) The spirit was so strong in all our meetings though, especially our stake missionary coordination meeting. I feel like things are now starting to change and progress.. All the ward councils have been getting so much better and our stake missionary coordination meeting! Haha of course as I am about to leave. Then we went to go say goodbye to some people and that was the worst idea ever! I do okay until people start to cry. We went and visited with Linda and her girls and we all just stalled me leaving and having to say goodbye. Her 3 year old girl, Tera just started balling and wouldn't let go of me. Then her 7 year old, Kate, started crying... Then Linda and then me. Oh it was a cry fest. I have loved this time I have had to work with Linda! She is so sooo strong! She used to be less active but is just on fire right now! She wants more than anything to be sealed in the temple and and have the priesthood in her home. Unfortunately her husband is gone a lot rodeoing (yes thats a word here in Sanpete County) so he has a hard time making the gospel more apart of his life. ) I hope and pray so badly that one day they will enter into the house of the Lord!!! 

We had a lesson with Ashley this week where we just read from the Book of Mormon, because she's been struggling to make it a habit. It went really well and she has such a desire to change and become more active as well. Also, Ashley taught the lesson that we had with her family this week!! It was so great!! She talked about getting along and loving others (from the Ensign), then had each one of her 5 boys say something nice about everyone else. They threw fits occasionally, insulted each other more than a few times, but as the lesson went on, the Spirit really came, and I think that all of the boys felt better by the end. Ashley was such a trooper! And she hasn't let how difficult it was discourage her, either. She said that she's seen a difference in her house since the lesson. And guess what?? They all came to church yesterday!!!! :) The last time they came together was over 4 months ago, and who knows how long it was before that! Yay!!!!! So exciting!

This week we went over to C house as K was having a meltdown. We had no idea and just showed up- perfect timing AKA the spirit!! But kids can be mean, and she's having to learn that not everybody is going to be her friend, and it's been really hard on her. C gave her a lesson using a mason jar of random change. She first had her decide what makes a good friend, then name all the really good friends she has. Then she put one quarter for each person in a jar. Next, they talked about what makes bad friends, acquaintances, and enemies, and puts a ton of pennies in another jar. Then she talked about the value of the people in our lives. We can listen to all the pennies and weigh ourselves down really easily, focusing on the wrong things. Too often, we ignore the advice and compliments of the quarters who try to help us. We can't listen to both voices. Listening to the quarters gives us a lighter load. :D I'm so proud of C! Tonight we are having a BBQ with them and Sister Diaz informed me I might want to wear water proof mascara this time. Ugh too bad I have none. But I am preparing myself for another cry fest!

I sure am going to miss Darwin and Mary soooo much! We had dinner with them this week and they told us how they first met! Hahaha so funny and cute and perfect for them! Darwin said that when he saw Mary he was at work but he walked right up to her and said, "You know you're my soul mate, right?" Then later, when her sister came back, she said that Mary had been thrown for a huge loop and had been thinking about him all the time since that day. Then they dated. Then they got married. And now look- they are headed to the temple!!!! :)

I am going to miss the Moroni stake a lot. I have learned a ton here! I think it has pushed me a lot as well. Teaching active members the lessons and teaching Gospel Doctrine was terrifying at first but it has been so good for me! Not saying I ever want to be a Gospel Doctrine Teacher as my calling but I know that I could do it. Of course I had faith that I could through the help of our Heavenly Father and Christ but I have seen that now. 

But really, there is no goodbyes. I will back to visit.. See you later Moroni!

~Sister Allen
107 S 1470 E STE 304
St George, UT 84790

Picture Directory:
- Just a little picture break in Chester (S Diaz)
- Seriously best weather and lighting ever :)
- Kate, Lynzee, Linda, and Tera- Sure going to miss them!
- Jumping for joy because of the beautiful weather

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