Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014- Feliz Cinco De Mayo

Hiya, how's it going??

This week was good! I just love everyone here in the Moroni area. They have all become like my best friends and family to me.

Marcuan got baptized on Saturday!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! It was a fight with his biological dad but it happened. This was his 4th baptism date but it finally happened! He was so ready for it and wanted it more than anything! I am sooo happy for him!!!!!!! Have I mentioned how much I love his mom (Ashley) too?? She is semi-active now and we have been doing lessons with her as well during the day when all the boys are at school. She has just opened up to us a ton and I just love her and her family. Funny story- We went over to their house one night this week and I guess one of their boys (Jordan-6) had been ringing the doorbell right before so when we rang the doorbell Pat, Ashleys husband, says "Go away!" And then he comes and sees us and he was so embarrassed! Hahaha of course, I just gave him crap for it. We all had a good laugh!

Chanley also got baptized on Saturday! She is not considered a "convert" baptism but Sister Diaz and I count it just as important as any other baptism. We have been working with her parents (Tyler and Lacey) and their family ever since I got here. They have become active and Tyler was able to baptize and confirm Chanley! It was so amazing to be able to see them both in the water and make this huge step!!!!!! Best day ever with Chanley and Marcuan both baptized!

That night was quite the experience too. There is a LA/Non-member lady, Jessica we decided to go visit. We aren't sure if she just says she is not a member or if she really isn't. She's crazy... Just read on.. Ok so first off she was at the neighbors when we rang her doorbell so she comes over to talk and as we are talking she makes this car stop as its driving by and she starts yelling at them for speeding. (Which they weren't at all) Luckily as she was talking to them a lady in one of our wards, Linda, comes up and so we are talking to her.. Finally Jessica comes back and just picks up Linda's dog and starts talking about how she used to have a dog that looked just like this but died. Well Linda feels intrigued to talk about how she got the dog and how she rescued it. It was a nice conversation. Or we thought so... Jessica all the sudden links our arms together and tells Linda "Sorry to cut this short but I need these girls." And she drags us away to her neighbors. She takes us into her neighbors workshop thing and that's when we realize she is totally drunk. She sits up on the counter and starts playing with everything and says how she used to be an officer. Okay I know you are all probably thinking how did you just realize she was drunk. But shes crazy so it was hard to tell but I definatley smelt the alcohol on her breathe. Eventually she drags us back over to her house and asks us if we want to hold her "$3 million" book. She goes on to show us all these really old books. It was hard to get a word in especially when you trying to make sure you don't step on the loose turtle in her house. Hahaha then she decides to get out her whiskey and says "I know you are missionaries but I'm not a Mormon and I'm a sinner. You need to know the real me." Anyways, I'll stop there but oh boy it was an experience I will never forget. And don't worry we did eventually get on gospel discussion but it was even more crazy haha.

Hey! Jacob is still on date for this Saturday! Pray that all will go smoothly! :)

Also, remember Sue who I taught in Kanab? She got baptized yesterday!!!!!!!! It was so exciting to hear today that she got baptized and even better, she was baptized by her recently active, husband Jim!!!!!! Oh I love them and am so excited for them to one day be an eternal family!

Eternal Families rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The gospel rules! It's just true as true can be and I love it! Speaking of.. have I mentioned how grateful I am for my mom? I figured since Mothers Day is coming up it was a good time to throw a shout out to the best mom ever! Watch this video about Mothers! :)

Here is a scripture I read today in my personal study that I love:
Jacob 3:1- But behold, I, Jacob, would speak unto you that are pure in heart. Look unto God with firmness of mind, and pray unto him with exceeding faith, and he will console you in your afflictions, and he will plead your cause, and send down justice upon those who seek your destruction.

Picture Directory:
-We were driving this week and found someone pulling a horse behind their car #classicMoroni
-On our way to Zone Meeting in Mt Pleasant
- Sister Diaz hit her 1 year mark this last week so we blew up some skirts :)
- We ended our 1 year celebration with Sparkling Cider and Chocolate Icecream with PJ and the fam :)
- Tyler, Lacey, Chanely, Brailee, and Treyson
- Sister Diaz, Tyler, Chanley, and I at Chanleys baptism
- Us with Marcuan in his baptism outfit that he loved ;)
- Marcuan and his family :

~Sister Allen
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