Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 12, 2014- Not missionary work but missionary fun :)

Hey, how's it going??

Oh it seems like its been forever since I have emailed... but to us 9 days is forever! So much has happened, so lets pray I will remember all that is important ;)

Well since last time we have had a Zone Meeting and Zone Conference. Our Zone Conference was yesterday and it was just so amazing!! Well they both were really amazing actually! 
In our Zone Meeting they talked a lot about what kind of missionary we want to be. They had us really think about why we are here and what we hope to become and accomplish during this time. It's really made me think as time has just been going by so fast!!!! We were reminded that we need to serve how the Lord wants us too. We need to "counsel with the Lord in all thy doings" (Alma 37:37). 
Zone Conference was similar with remembering our true purpose here. Elder Wade, our area 70, started off the Zone Conference with talking about putting our heart in to the work. And really teaching people with the things in our heart instead of our minds. (Helaman 13:3-5) President Center talked about truly pleading with the Lord to bless us. We can not expect miracles to happen without pleading for them. We need to plead in prayer for our area and investigators. We need to be specific in our prayers also. Its okay to tell God we want a golden family of 5 to teach but then we need to work. We need to do our part. Oh it just totally pumped us up! The talks given be the assistants were so great too. They talked about having faith that our area can be prosperous; that our areas can be "the promised land" where every missionary will want to one day serve. But we need to be confident in everything.. Confident in ourselves, companions, the spirit, the Lord! Sister Garcia and I are so pumped! And we truly do see the Lord blessing us already, just the 3 weeks we have been here and he's going to bless us even more! We are working hard and holding Him accountable to it!

We found 3 new investigators this week! Woohoo! One of them we met at church in the gospel principles class. Her name is Kim and she has met with missionaries before. Her husband, 2 boys and dad are all members! She just moved into this ward from another stake here in St George. One of the other sisters in the Visitors Center said she was even on date for last September. We are seeing her tomorrow for our first lesson so we are excited! The other 2 new investigators are the Boyds. And we were actually on exchanges that day so I have not met them yet but I do know that Brother Boyd has already been reading the Book of Mormon and is in 3rd Nephi! Ya hello huge blessing! They sounds super prepared!

Things have been going well with Harry! We had a lesson with him the day before last and it was on the Plan of Salvation. It went really well and thank goodness we have 2 really good fellowshipping couples! The lesson before this one we had asked him to pray and he wouldnt but this time we asked him and he didn't even hesitate! Ah huge blessing!

Another miracle- Teancum is meeting with our Mission President this Sunday for a baptism interview!!!! We all fasted for him Sunday that he would receive his answers and he called us that night and said he was ready to meet with him! Eeekkkk so excited! No we await the process because he comes from polygamist background but still so happy!

This week had been so good at the Visitors Center as well. Amazing tours and prepared people coming in from all over. I love that we get to keep in contact with them after they leave too!

I am just so grateful for this time to serve the Lord. We are his servants at this time and the blessings are just amazing! I'm so grateful to be serving here in Bloomington and with Sister Garcia. I know this is exactly where the Lord needs us at this time!

Just in case you haven't watched this video "Because of Him" in a while. Watch it again! I watch it almost everyday because I just love it! This work of Christ is so great! I love it! I love this time serving Him!

~Sister Allen
107 S 1470 E STE 304
St George, UT 84790

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