Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 17, 2014- Have miracles ceased?

Hi, hows it going??

So remember last week I talked a lot about having more specific, fervent prayers? Well Sister Garcia and I had the neatest experience! It was Friday afternoon and 2 of our 3 appointments cancelled. :( But we had people to contact so it was alright. Well we could not find anyone home. We finally pulled over and decided that we needed to plead with Heavenly Father to help us find a new family to teach that was ready for the gospel. Well we continued to knock doors and still no luck, no one was answering! We then had dinner, a lesson, and then back out to find this family! It was now about 8:30 and I felt impressed to turn down this one street where I knew a lessactive family was that one of our Bishops told us to go visit. We knocked, no answer. It was getting late and we figured we could probably head home and just call some people but as we were walking back to the car I felt such a strong feeling to go knock this door a few doors down. I ignored it at first thinking of myself.. I was tried, I was disappointed, no was was answering all day. Again the thought came to me to go knock that door so I tell Sister Garcia and we head down there. A lady answered! Ahhh! She lets us in, gets her husband and baby and we sit. Shes a member, active primary teacher.. We figured he was an active member as well but we kept talking, getting to know them and she then tells us "My husband is not a member" Ahhhh we were freaking out inside. So they just moved here from Arkansas, where he is from but they are currently living with her active parents. He had met with missionaries a little bit before but was willing to meet with us! We had an appointment Sunday but unfortunately their house was a mad house with a bunch of people there for Fathers Day so our first official lesson will be Thursday. We are stoked beyond stoked! I am so grateful that we listened to the spirit. I'm grateful that Sister Garcia and I were able to keep pushing forward. We had been working hard all day and it was 8:40 when we knocked on Brianna and James door and could have easily gone home but we didn't. We were so determined to find a family and we did but all thanks to our Heavenly Father. I know that we are here as representatives of Heavenly Father and Christ. We are here doing their work. If we align our will to His we will see the blessings. 

So I think I mentioned last week about a new investigator, Kim. Well she had cancelled last week but we were finally able to see her last night! So Kim had met with the missionaries before and even been on date in a different area. She is married to a member and her 2 sons even got baptized last year, along with her dad. She has lots of questions but as we went through the Restoration we were able to resolve her concerns. Then this morning we got a text from her "Hi sisters- I just wanted to let you know that after you left last night I felt such a great sense of peace that I haven't felt in a long time- maybe it was the spirit- but I just wanted to thank you for bringing that gift to me. Have a wonderful day. -Sister Hall." Ahhh we were freaking out! We are so excited for our next lesson and we are going to put her on date, no doubt!!!! She is so prepared!!!!!!!

Ok update on Harry- We have had some really powerful lessons with him but he is being so stubborn to the spirit. We are thinking we need to do a do or die lesson. So hard but we shall see..

Thats all I can think of for now, plus I am running out of time. I hope you are all doing great, and always trusting in the Lord. Miracles happen when you do. Love you all! :)

Mormon Message for the week: Earthly Father, Heavenly Father I hope you dads had a great Fathers Day!

~Sister Allen
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