Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week One MTC May 1, 2013

Hiiiii! How's it going? How has the roadtrip been going?? How are Brooke and Bobbi doing? Still pregnant? Haha
Wow ok so the MTC has been awesome! So much to tell in little time! My companion is Sister Luebbert, it was the one I was telling you about that we actually talked over facebook before. She is awesome, I love her. In my district there is 4 elders and 4 sisters. Everyone else is going to Salt Lake besides Sister Luebbert and I which just makes me so sad because I love love love my district! All the girls and I have gotten really close so it's good and the elders are finally opening up to us now too. At first they were super quiet and would not talk to any of the sisters but it's good now haha I love them. They are such great examples to me. I've learned that you really can learn from anyone, even 18 year old elders. Haha!
So Sister Luebbert and I were made Sister Training Leaders which has been neat because it has helped us to reach out more and become closer to all the girls in our zone. So my very first day at dinner I was just sitting there and next thing I know there is Karlie AKA Soster Harrison. It was so exciting to see her! We were both freaking out and had tears of joy, people probably thought we were crazy. Haha everyone was staring at us in the cafeteria. Haha So she sat with me that night at dinner, and we got to talk for about a half an hour. It was awesome. I have seen her everyday I think since I've been here and also Chealsea Cloward and Lacey, I see them a lot. Well I just see a lot of people from Mesa in general. 
So the first few days here were awesome! I didn't feel home sick or sad at all, I was so pumped to get to work and to be a missionary. Although the first night I literally probably got like 2 hours of sleep. I don't know why cause I wasn't even thinking about anything I just was uncomfortable I guess. Every night since I have taken a melatonin and been fine though ;) Friday was awesome, it was our first day that we could check our mail. I got a bunch of dear elders, a hand written letter, and the package of cookies from you mom. So thank you thank you to everyone! Keep it up ;) I was so excited!!! It made my entire day. I felt so bad cause I just wanted to scream because I was so happy but some of the people in our district didn't get a single thing so I felt bad. So Saturday was probably the hardest day yet. Right when we got into class we got thrown into a first lesson, when we hadn't really gone over anything! People say you sit in your classroom for like 10 hours a day which is true but I guess I didn't realize like 8 of those hours is personal study. So it's been hard to get myself to focus and really teach myself. Saturday we had to teach the first lesson to a teacher, it was one we had never met because our actual teacher was sick. Literally I was at a lose of words during the lesson ( I know weird right?) Well it was just bad and and the teacher just made me feel worse. I felt like I didn't have the spirit with me as much as I would've liked and that killed me! People always say that the MTC is sooo spiritual and at that time I felt like I couldn't really say that. I have realized so much how sensitive the spirit is. However, Sunday is just what I needed. Every single person that spoke that day, whether in Relief Society or in the devotional, like I literally felt like they were speaking to me! It was perfect! We also went on a temple walk as a district which was so cool and so nice to get out and just breathe! Oh my goodness, I've had like no time to just sit and breathe but it's been good! We also get 1 hour for email but it's already been over 30 min haha not sure where any of my time goes here. Haha
Alright so yesterday we had our first lesson with a real investigator! Well they say they may just be a volunteer so like most likely a member but I swear ours is a real investigator! Haha her name is Claudia, just moved here from Madagascar last year with her husband and tweo kids. She is the cutest ever! And the lesson went so great. Everything we had to say she understood and really enjoyed! We got her to pray and tried to commit her to baptism.. She said "Yes... well I've already been baptised in the Catholic church." Ah Sister Luebbert and I were freaking out because we thought she was saying YES! We tried to explain the importance of our preisthood but she just wasn't getting it. We have our second lesson with her tomorrow so we will see!
Well I need to get off, we are going to lunch and then a temple session soon :) I'm going to see if I can borrow a SD Card converter and send some pictures later :) Cause I have about 15-20 minutes of email time left but gotta go now haha I love you guys and hope everything is going good!

This pic is of me and my comp infront of the infamous MTC map. 
District girls pic. Notice me and my comp match ;)
My Whole District at the Temple
After a Temple session. It was a perfect day!

Name tag!

My Comp Sister Caroline Luebbert

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