Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week Two MTC May 7, 2013

Heyyy how's it going? Sounds like your roadtrip was fun and glad you guys got home safe! When do you think you will get your call??? I NEED to know ASAP! So excited for Bobbi and can't wait to see pics! Her and Brooke are in my prayers daily, as well as all the fam. Speaking of prayers, I feel like that's all we do! But it's great! I probably end up saying like 15 prayers a day. Literally we pray morning and night personal and companionship, every meal, and then every time before we study, before we teach and after we teach and just any other random times throughout our day too. Last week I felt like teaching was my weakness. It was really hard for me to get into roll plays and really know what to say but I LOVE teaching now! I have just learned to relax and teach from the spirit. It really is the neatest thing. I will be talking and all the sudden something will come out of my mouth that I had no idea I was gonna say. I think last week I told you a little about Claudia, one of our "investigators". So our first lesson with her was last Monday and we had our second last Wednesday and we got her to commit to baptism! Ah greatest thing ever!!!!! Even though she really is a member already and was just acting like an investigator it was so great. The spirit was so strong. I felt this great love for her and had such a desire to get her to come closer to Christ. What hit her the most was the after life and eteral families. I think that is something that really draws people in. We have also been teaching both our teachers aka "Max" and "Albert". They both started of rocky but have turned out so good. We got Albert to commit to baptism as well! we taught 4 lessons, it was a busy day. Which I know RMs probably laugh and think that is a slow day but it was busy for us. We got to teach a "member referral" and a "less active". They were both really great as well and I'm pretty positive they are both actually active members but it was great to really get into it and have these experiences as practice. K I seriously love the MTC so much! Oh so a little more about my companion, her name is Sister Luebbert. (You can look her up on my fb;) She is from Iowa and went to UVU in Orem for 2 years before. She is awesome! We get a long so well, I feel so blessed to be able to work with such great people. The other 2 sisters in my district are Sister Perez from New Mexico and Sister Kay from California. They are all the sweetest girls. They both leave for Salt Lake as well as the Elders in our district. Actually they leave this afternoon. They are awesome, literally such great examples! I'm gonna miss them all. So Lacey left this morning too! :( So sad, I literally would see her a few times a day, it was the best ever! I went to her room last night to say our final goodbyes.. We were in the same residence building so that was awesome. I see Karlie a lot too. It is so great to be able to have them both here. Everything is just great! So we had a great devotional. (I know.. great! haha) It was Chad Lewis, a member of the church who used to be in the NFL actually. Maybe the boys would know him. Anyways it was super motivational and got me even more pumped to get out there and convert everyone in St George. We also had testimony meeting in our branch and it was amazing. The spirit was so strong, I couldn't not get up. I thought my heart was gonna pop outta my chest, my heart was beating so fast. I hope you guys know how much I love this church and how much it means to me. It makes me want to be better. It's crazy I feel like I have already grown and changed so much just being here 2 weeks. My testimony has grown so much in every way. I know God is our Heavenly Father who loves us so much! So much that he sent his son Jesus Christ to atone for all of our sins. It is so comforting to me to know that They are always there for us and they are completley aware of everything going on in our lives. Jesus is so merciful and wants us all to return to Him and our Father. I am so thankful for Joseph Smith and for his courage and  faith he had to restore this gospel on this earth. It is crazy to think what some people have gone through just to have this gospel here in its fullness on the earth. Some times we take it for granted and I kick myself for taking it for granted sometimes before. This gospel has brought such peace and joy into my life though and I want everyone to have that. I want everyone to feel the happiness I have of knowing we can return to Him after this life and with our families. So blessed I get to be with all of you forever. It's the greatest blessing ever- eternal life with the ones we love. I love you all and hope you having a great day! I might get on later too btws, cause I have more computer time left!
Lacey and Summer
1st District

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