Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013

Hey how's it going? I am doing great! Our area is slow but we are working on it. It has been hard and discouraging sometimes but it is good. We know we will find more people!

Last week there was a day where we had been tracting for a few hours and no one was being receptive at all. We ended up knocking on a members door and they told us about some of their neighbors we could visit that they had kind of been working with. So then by the time we left their house one of the part-member/less actives families was outside. We almost didn't talk to them because they didn't look like they would be interested and seemed kind of intimidating. But we turned around and started talking to them. They are navajo and recently moved from a reservation not too far from St George. The dad is a member but his wife and children are not. He has not gone to church in a long time too! We talked with him for a good while. It was so great! It was the first time that I really felt comfortable with someone who wasn't a member. I have been praying to be more bold and I was able to be with them. I've learned that you have to be bold as a missionary, in a loving way of course. It is a lot easier to walk away but the reward is so much greater if you don't give up so easily. They agreed to have us over for a lesson tonight actually! So pray that will go well! I think it will, they are a really great family.

Then after that we were walking home and there was a guy standing on the side walk smoking and talking on his phone but right as we were right by him he hung up! Again, right when we thought we weren't having an success the Lord put people in our way. Both these people weren't people we had door knocked but people that the Lord just had them out right in front of us at the perfect time. This guy is a less active and agreed to meet with us. It was actually his idea, he has been wanting to get back into church. Well we had an appointment for Saturday and he flaked :/ so I'm praying he won't flake on our next appointment.

Ok now funny story time! Last week we went to a members home for dinner and the lady had her 85 year old sister over for dinner too. She is so looney! It was hilarious! She was like so hyper and would tell us the same thing a million times. She served a mission when she was 27 to Uruguay and so she would try to talk to my companion in Spanish but my companion, Sister Sporl, could not really understand her. Haha and then after dinner she wanted to drop us off more in our area that we were going to be in that night. So we get in her jeep which is older than both of us. And guess what? Our seat belts don't work! And let's just say this lady probably shouldn't have a drivers license! She is going so fast around all these corners hahaha! Sounds scary but all I could do was laugh! It definitely made our day!
The Visitors Center is going great still! Sunday was probably our busiest day yet! We had like at least 14 tour buses I think! I was out in the Annex room the whole time, the room that we talk about the construction of the temple. This girl came in from Manchester England and I started talking to her. She was very receptive and interested in our church. I taught her the first lesson right there and of course about Brigham young and the construction of the temple. Which of course led us to talking about eternal families and more about temples! I gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she would read it. I was going to sacrament about an hour after and invited her and she said she would come if she was back from the Brigham Young home. Well she didn't come :( and I'll never know what happens with her but hey maybe you, mom and dad will meet her. She said Leeds is about 1 hour from Manchester. I swear I keep hearing things about England all the time know. I keep meeting people from there or people who served there or know people who have served there, just everything! It's so funny.
Anyways, my time is about up. I love you guys!!!!
Chaynee and Braxton

Mom, remember her? Sister Waiane from Vanautu! She is the cutest! I love her!!!!!
We got flags to wear with our tags at the Visitors Center :) This is a new thing so it is exciting!! Haha :)

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