Friday, May 10, 2013

Week Three MTC May 10, 2013

Hey it is going good! Yay I have new niece I am so excited!!!! I'm glad everything went well with the labor! How fun that you get to watch her kids ;) Best grandma ever! You think Brooke still has 2 weeks? That's crazy!!! That is so funny you found my companions blog. She is awesome, I really am so blessed to have her and all the girls I am with. So our whole district left earlier this week, and my comp and I started Visitor Center training on Wednesday so we got put in a district with just Visitor Center sisters. There is 5 of us, 4 of us going to St George and the other going to Washington DC. My comp and I got a new companion so we are now in a trio. Our new companions name is Sister Sordes. She is from France! Her sister served in the Mesa Visitors Center and got home about 2 months ago. One time London and I went to the Visitors Center and totally talked to her!!!! Londons cousin served in France and they know her cousin! Literally such a small world! Oh and our 3 new Visitor Center Teachers are awesome! One of them is like best friends with Kelsey Allen Stenquist. Her name is Sister Brinkerhoff she is from Mesa and went to Westwood. Everyday I am making connections with someone, I swear! So our first day of Visitor Center Training we got to go to Temple Square. It was so weird to get out of the MTC. Haha it was funny when we were at Temple Square there were all these asians taking pictures and video recording us hahaha! We just went through a tour and tomorrow we will go back to Temple Square and actually give the tours! Ah freaking out!! I'm excited for it but more excited for the first time to be over with haha. We also have been dong this thing called "Resource Center" which is where people go to and click chat with the missionaries or something and we get to chat with people online! It's so cool! It's probably my favorite, I love it so much!!!! So we will do that in the Visitors Center too! Well gotta go switch over my laundry. Oh and I will call you next Wednesday morning anytime between like 5:30 and 7:30 so 4:30 and 6:30 AZ time? Haha sorry I know it's so early! Well love you all! Talk to ya soon :)

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