Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 11, 2013

Hello! Well this past week was great! Our area just keeps progressing! Last week we got a few referrals from our ward mission leader so we contacted those and put 2 of them on date for baptism! One referral was for a family- Leah, Gilberto, and Tiana. Leah is a member but was less active for a while. Gilberto is her boyfriend, and Tiana is Leah's daughter, she is 9. She also has 3 week old twins! (So cute-makes me miss Lucy and Macie) So Gilberto and Tiana both said yes to be baptized! The problem is Gilberto and Leah aren't married so he could take some more work in convincing them to be married soon. Tiana is set on date though for July 20th. I am stoked, they are a great family! 
Codie is still on date but she got pushed back to July 2nd because she will be out of town for a little before then, but she is awesome! 
Another referral we had was for this elderly lady named Arlene and we went by twice and she was never home said her granddaughter, Sammy (14) We went back a third time though (third times a charm, right) and she still "wasn't home" but we started talking to Sammy. We taught her the whole first lesson on her porch and she was really interested in everything. She said she was catholic but really didn't have much of a religious background so it was really interesting. She is so golden I think. She has such a desire to learn more! Right before we left Sammy told us her grandmother had been home all 3 times but doesn't want to talk to us. We are going back later this week for the second lesson with Sammy though. I am nervous that her grandmother won't let her get baptized because she is not very fond of us Mormons. But we will see :)
There is another referral we got for a family who is kind of less active. The parents got baptized 2 years ago but haven't been very consistent in going to church. They also have a 9 year old daughter who is not baptized. But we are meeting with them this week too. The mother says her daughter needs to get baptized and they know they need to go back to church so we will see with them. 
They are a LOT of less actives here and a lot of times we will make appointments with them but then they flake. So I'm not holding my breath on many of them.
Ok funny story time.. Well it was funny to me but I don't know if anybody else will think it's funny unless they were there, well I don't think my comp thought it was very funny but we totally ran into a Bible Basher the other day. All I could do was laugh! I held it in of course.. But it was this black guy who said he straight up said he didn't like white people (even though his wife is white haha) And he just kept going and going, we couldn't get any words in so we just let him talk and talk. We set up an appointment to go back because he said since he talked he would be willing to listen next time. My companion is not so sure about going back but I think we might as well try again. I kept feeling like I should give him a Book of Mormon but I didn't so now we have to go back so I can give thema  Book of Mormon next time! Haha
So I had such an awesome experience at the Visitors Center the other day! We had interviews with the Visitors Center directors and had to set goals. One of my goals was to get a nonmember to fill out a referral card so I could teach them on the phone. (Every day we have time in the Teaching Center to chat with people on mormon.org or do over the phone lessons with people all over the world) So not longer than 30 minutes later a lady walks in so I start talking to her and gave her a tour of the whole Visitors Center. We spent a lot of time in the Savior of the World room, which is a room just full of paintings of Christ throughout his life. She is baptist btw so she has a great relationship with Christ already. But anyways we just talked and talked for about an hour. I pretty much gave her the whole first lesson. And she said she felt good in there and was glad she started her week off there. She started crying and I know she totally felt the spirit! Oh she is from Indiana but living in St George for a month or so for a Biggest Loser Camp btws. Well guess what!? I got her information and will start teaching her lessons over the phone! She is so golden! She loved everything we talked about. At the end she gave me the biggest, tightest hug! Ah it was the sweetest.. She was the sweetest!
Then yesterday a nonmember guy came in and he was saying he noticed a difference in how we look and all the people around the temple. He said it was just a difference in our eyes and smiles. I told him it's because of the spirit here on the temple grounds! That definitely made him ponder for a bit. Guess what!? Got his information too! He is going to be out of the country for a while so we will just correspond via email.
I love this work! I love when people realize they are feeling the spirit. It's like all the sudden a light bulb goes off and you can literally see a change in their eyes as well. This gospel is so great, I love it!

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