Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 18, 2013

Hey! How's it going? This week like always was good. They are mostly always good when you're doing the Lord's work though! You just have to look out for the tender mercies from the Lord. Ok so last week I told you about Sammy, the 14 year old we started teaching. She is so golden. Literally has been so prepared for the gospel. We met with her another time last week and it went super good. We were talking about baptism and right as I was about to ask if she would be baptized she said "I wanna get baptized!" Whhaaattt!? Ya so crazy! Just 1 problem, her grandmother who is her legal guardian won't let her. She won't even let her come to church. She let's her talk with us though we just have to do it on the front porch. Super disappointing but we have been praying alot and fasting that her grandmothers heart would be softened. So we went back yesterday and she still can not get baptized but her grandmother said she could at least come to church with us now! That's a huge step! Another sad note, they are moving next week.. They're not even sure where yet. Either way it has been so good to help Sammy come closer to our Heavenly Father and Christ. When we first met her she was super depressed and you could tell and she has gotten so much happier. The atonement has helped her a lot. She never knew that God and Christ were so aware of us. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying a lot and she has been happier. So it is good. We will see what happens.
We got a referral for a family this week, Trisha and Brogan. Brogan is a less active and Trisha isn't a member. It actually was a referral from other sisters close by. We went there last week and it was super good and we go back tonight too. So wish us luck!!!
We also got a referral from a lady in one of our wards for one of her college students, Cora. We had the first lesson last night. She is super religious and I think it is hard for her to think there is another book other than the bible. But she is great and has so much potential!
As far as our other investigators.. they have all been super flaky this last week. We have appointments for them this week though so hopefully they won't flake!
Mission life is so great though! It's tough and so hot here haha but it's great!
Hope you all have a great week! Love you guys
Sister Sporl and Sister Allen

This is Sister Page from Kaysville Utah. She was a visa waiter here and left on Monday for Argentina!

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