Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 4, 2013

Ok this past week has been the best yet! Week of miracles! It is getting easier and easier everyday to see the Lords hand in my life! Last Wednesday we had our district training meeting and of course we were bummed because we were the only ones without a progressing investigator. We had had a few appointments with people before but everyone kept bailing. But later on Wednesday we were at the Visitors Center and a lady from one of our wards came in and said her granddaughter wants to get baptized! Helllooooo where did she come from! Straight from God that's where! Her granddaughters name is Codie and she is 13. So we met with her last weekend and had her first lesson. I invited her to be baptized and she said YES! So in a week and a half she will be baptized! Wahoo! She is great. We had our second lesson with her yesterday. We taught her about the Plan on Salvation and when we got to the different kingdoms she said "It doesn't seem hard to get to the Celestial Kingdom." And it's really not. That is what is so neat about this gospel. It's so simple. Obey God's commandments and you'll be good. Codie is so prepared and so smart!
So last Saturday I went on my first exchange. I had Sister Guisson stay with me and we went in my area. We had a lady who was supposed to drive us around but she never showed up! So we just started walking to our area. We stopped at a few houses but no answers of course. Then all of a sudden this guy pulls over and asks when we were going to come by! His name is Rico, we got his address and information and just decided to head over there right then. So we went to Ricos house and his wife, Fusi and their 2 daughters were all there. Their daughters are both under 3. Fusi is from Samoa and got baptized when she was 12 but they have lost her records and have not been able to find them. She has been inactive for a while too. But we committed them both to going to church and we have our first lesson with them Thursday so we will see. I think they are a really golden family. Oh and on our way to their house another lady pulled over and hands a $20 to us out the window and tells us to go get something cold and she drove off.
So after Rico and Fusi's it was our lunch time so we started walking to this drink and dessert place and we had somebody else pull over! It was a couple that works with us at the Visitors Center and other sites. They decided to join us for lunch so they gave us a ride. We get there and go to pay and they said they don't charge missionaries. Hello so many tender mercies! The members are awesome here. 
It is just amazing how the Lord works. We were bummed because we were going to have to walk in the heat but if we had a ride we wouldn't have found Rico and his family or wouldn't have gotten the $20 or had the Cannon's join us. Which by the way, they said they worked in Palmyra last summer during the Hill Cumorah pageant. They worked at the Visitors Center though so I don't know if you would've met them. Does that name sound familiar?
On Sunday we had a less active guy show up to church that we have been working with. So awesome! I think he is really planning on getting his life together again. 
This week was just amazing! It's been amazing because I have really been feeling like I have been helping people come closer to Christ! It's the greatest feeling! I love this work! I love this gospel! And of course I love you all! 
Love Summer
Haha so awesome! It was so weird they just walked up behind me, I was so surprised! I felt bad because they wanted to take me to lunch but I didn't have much time today even though it is Pday we are really busy. :/

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