Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 26, 2013

Hello! It is going great! This week is transfer week and has been super crazy at the Visitors Center but it's been great. Because of transfer week they had to switch my Pday to today but next week and until at least the beginning of August it will be on Mondays! :) My companion and I are staying together because I am still in training. But she goes home the first week in August so we will see what'll happen next! Sounds like you and the family are doing great though. I wish I could've been there for Lucys blessing and Macie's this weekend but that's alright. I will be thinking of you guys!
Our investigators have been progressing very sloowwllyyyy. I just think it's because of summertime that it has been so hard to meet with them. Do you remember Codie? She is the 13 year old. It had been a few weeks since we had met with her because her sister was getting married and then she went to girls camp all last week. She had a great time at girls camp and she even bore her testimony up there. She is awesome. We met with her again yesterday and things are still great. She is getting baptized next Tuesday the 2nd! Yay I can't wait! She is so on fire. If only every investigator would be that excited about getting baptized. 
Did you guys watch the broadcast on Sunday? I hope so! It was so amazing. It was all on member missionary work really! Which is so great! All of our investigators we have right now have been member referrals. It is so hard to get investigators through tracting and knocking doors. Which we do alot! 
We did finally meet with Fusi though. Her husband, Rico, was the one who pulled over and asked when we were going over there but they had been super flaky but we finally met with her yesterday. He wasn't home- unfortunately!!! But the lesson with her was great. She was baptized when she was 12 and has been less active which we already knew. But what we didn't realize is that she only had been to church 1 time after she had been baptized. So she really didn't know much. But it went really well!
As for Sammy... She's not really progressing because she can't go to church and can't get baptized so we pretty much had to drop her. We will still go visit here and there if we are in the area though. She really does have sucha  desire to learn more but with her grandmother it's just not possible. They are moving next week though so we will have to send her information to the other missionaries anyway.
We had our first lesson with Tricia and Brogan.. did I tell you about them before? I don't remember but I should've. Anyways we had our first actual lesson with them last week and it was good. They thought everything made sense and really enjoyed learning more. We are meeting with them again this week so we'll see. 
Ok funny story time! So last week Sister Lim and I were assigned to the Brigham Young home. So the Watkins (Visitors Center Directors) were dropping us off and right when we get out of the car Sister Lim steps into a hole and her shoe came off so we both kinda stood there for a second thinking who was gonna get it. Next thing we know it started shooting out water. Kinda like the Fountain Hills fountain. Ok not that big but literally like 20 feet in the air! I guess when she stepped in the hole she broke a pipe. Hahaha and so Sister Lim got soaked and had mud all over her because she was still right over the hole! And there was people sitting there waiting for a tour, little did they know they were gonna get a show too. It was hilarious! And the water just kept going and going and wouldn't stop!!!! 
Can I just say how much I love my mission!? Working in the Visitors Center is the greatest thing! It is so awesome to get to know so many sisters. There are always hilarious things going on at the VC. I love that we get to proselyte too! It's just the best of both worlds!!
Anyways, gotta go! Love you guys! 

This is Sister Aruwititi, she is from Kiribati, an island in Micronesia. She goes home tomorrow and I am so sad! She is the sweetest girl ever. Mom- I am going to send you a story about her that one of the senior sisters wrote. It's amazing

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