Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 3, 2013- Its Christmas in Kanab!

Hello! How's it going? This week has been really good! I'm really starting to stress because transfer calls are this Saturday!!!!!! Ah pray I will stay here!

Last Pday was fun, we went and took some pictures for Christmas Cards with the other sisters and today we are going to ZIONS!! I've been here 4 months and haven't gone yet so I decided we better go now before one of us goes and before it gets any colder! Which btw the high tomorrow is 32 degrees! Yep, we're going to die. Our heater broke during the middle of the night this week but thankfully it got fixed the next day so we are good there. :)

Thanksgiving was good! Kinda weird, but that's holidays on the mission haha! We first went to Donna and Dicks (LA/PM family) and just talked with them for a while. They are pretty old and none of their family was coming over so we thought we would give them company. And it was good! Usually when we go over there we are just cleaning for them so it's harder to get into gospel discussions but we were able to this time so it was good. We then went over to the Bowman's. Sister Bowman is Tobi's fellowshipper so we have really gotten to know her over the past month or so. Anyways, they have 9 kids and the oldest is on a mission in Canada! But it was fun!!! Good to be with a big family and lots of commotion. I felt at home. Haha! We got to help prepare some food, play games with the kids, and then of course EAT! They decided to have ham this year instead of Turkey and it was really good actually. I've always thought of my self as a turkey lover and not too into ham but it was really good. We then went over to the Reidhead's who have a daughter on a mission too! We just hung out with them for a while and ate some pie. Which they sent us home with a whole chocolate pie from Houston's Restaurant! Yaaa we are still working on it. We then went to go play games at the Beehive Nursing Home but turns out most of the tenants were with their families so we didn't  We ended our night at the Brower's (LA family) and got to watch Ephraim's Rescue with them! Ahhh it was so good!!!!! I loved it so much!!!! The pioneers are true examples! I can not believe all that they went through for this gospel but I could not be more grateful for them and their faith that they had!

Speaking of Tobi, she is still so great!!!! Her baptism is next weekend so this week we are just trying to put everything together and not stress about one of us leaving. She is so cute. Last time we went to her house as she is hugging is she says "You better not leave. Can I call your President and tell him you're not leaving!" I was tempted to give her his phone number because I really don't want to leave but than I remember it's not up to him. It's up to the Lord so we told her she's gotta tell the big guy upstairs! Haha she's so cute! I love her so much!!!!

We met with Jim and Sue a few times this week! When we were following up on their Book of Mormon reading ahhh it was so good! So Sue says "I told myself I was only going to read 1 page a week, because I don't want to pressure myself." and then Jim goes "Ya, and you've read 7 pages in 1 week!" Oh my goodness, it was so funny and so great! We could not have been more happy!!!!! She hasn't gained that firm testimony on the Book of Mormon yet but that's alright. Some things take time. But Jim has gained such a strong testimony!!!!!! It was so awesome to hear him bear testimony to her! Because he just started reading the Book of Mormon for the first time too! On Saturday there was a Christmas Parade down the main street. Yep by 1 of the 2 lights in town haha. Anyways, Sue texted was that day and asked if we would like to go with them to the parade. What!? We were so excited. It's so little but so exciting as missionaries. We are supposed to have contact with them at least every other day and she is the one texting us! So great! So we met them down there and watched it with them. We then walked around with them looking at all the floats after wards and looking at Christmas lights. Jim's brother does one of the Christmas lights show where the lights go to the music. So cool! Anyways, it was a really good bonding experience!

Before the parade we went to the Kanab sisters baptism because they invited a non-member in our area to go named Troy and he did! So we got his information and are going to start teaching him tomorrow! We are so excited, he sounds super prepared!!!!

Well yesterday we had Zone Conference it St George and it was sooo good! Elder Arnold from the quorum of the seventy came and was so intense! and some how we ended up in the very front row right in the center. You know that had to be Sister Hollander because I always like to hide in the back haha. Anyways, I took sooo much from it and am excited to apply it in our area! Too much to type right now haha.

Oh We got a brand spanking new 2014 Jeep Compass this week! Yep, the only one in the mission and we got it. It is sooo nice!

Embarrassing story (It seems like this should just be a part of my weekly emails with how life has been going latley haha): So there was one day last week I was just so tired!!!!! During companionship study we were reading from Preach My Gospel together and next thing I know I was out! I just fell asleep and I don't even know how! My companion just starred and started laughing which woke me up. It was only a minute, no worries. But that whole day I was just dead. I had to drive back from Colorado City to Kanab and I thought I was going to pass out. I remember at one point saying "I have been tired on my mission but I just feel reeaalll tired." and then at the end of that night I was thinking maybe I was getting sick because I was just out of it! Well, the next morning I go to take my vitamins and I realize that I had taken a melation (AKA Sleeping pill that knocks me out!!) instead of one of my vitamins! Ahhh never again. I was so dead all day!

Anyways, sorry I feel like this email is all scatter-brained! But I gotta get going so we can go to ZIONS! I love you all!!!!!

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