Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 17, 2013- Merry Christmas!​!!

Hello, How's it going?

Can you believe Christmas is already here!? Well, next week! This is my last Pday before Christmas! Insane. Seriously I don't know where the time goes. Christmas Eve will be 8 months since I entered the MTC.

Well I have been back in St George 1 week now. It's good to be back in the Visitors Center but I miss Kaibab too! It's been a little weird to adjust back to it, especially because it is winter time so the Visitors Center slows down a ton! At least during the day, it's been slow. I miss being out in Kaibab and just working hard every second. I feel like I get more tired in the Visitors Center because sometimes I could be sitting there for 1 hour or more without anyone coming in. But it is good. The spirit is always so strong in the Visitors Center and the people are coming to us!

My new companion is Sister Phagwah from Guyana in South America. And opps she doesn't even speak Spanish so ignore that comment last week. (Embarrassing) Anyways, It was so crazy that first day when I found out Guyana was in the West Indies mission and I told her my brother-in-law served there so that night we got out our photo albums and she started freaking out because Joey served in her branch! I swear, the world just gets smaller and smaller. Anyways I love Sister Phagwah. She is just the sweetest! We have had so much fun together already!

As for my new area.. Washington East 2. It's pretty good. We have 6 investigators I think. I haven't even met all of them yet, it's been so crazy. But we do have a baptism this weekend. Which is pretty exciting! Oh speaking of baptisms- TOBI GOT BAPTIZED SATURDAY! I asked President if I could go, I even had an offer for someone to come get us and drive us back but he said no. :( Thankfully Sister Hollander snapped this picture of her and her husband Bill, who baptized her. Isn't she so cute!?? You can see how happy she is! Ah I love her!

Anyways, the area I am in now I guess has been kinda struggling but we have the faith that things are going to pick up. They already have really!! Last night we decided to tract on this one street and it was like a miracle street, I swear. We found 2 non-members which we set return appointments with both of them and one actually became a new investigator! Her name is Sandy and she is Jehovah Witness (for now;) so she had lots to say but you can tell that she is open and is still searching for more! I am so excited to go back and meet with her! :) We are going to see miracles this transfer!!!

Embarrassing story of the week: We accidentally locked our keys inside our apartment one night and we had to get other sisters to help us break in! Hahaha so funny! There is a picture attached of it. Of course, I had to get my camera out ;)

Well, I gotta go. But familia I will talk to you next week!!!!!!! And everyone else, hope you have a great Christmas! And I hope that you remember the true meaning of Christmas. Here is a cute, little Christmas Mormon message.

Love you all!!!!!

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