Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 26, 2013

Hello, How's it going??

Well this past week had been really great! It seems like it has been forever since I have emailed home but I guess it has been 9 days. My Pday will be on Thursday again next week and then who knows what. It's kind of all over the place this transfer..

Well last weekend 2 great things happened.. Well more than that but I'll just share some. 1- Sister Sordes and I got to go on an exchange together! :) We were in a trio companionship our last week at the MTC when we did Visitors Center training and so I just love love love her. She is my Sister Training Leader so I was privileged to go on a 1 day exchange with her. It was so good to be able to serve with her and see how much she has grown. She is such a great missionary and just so personable with everyone and makes them feel comfortable. She's just awesome. Hopefully one day we can be real companions. Ok 2- Ben got baptized this weekend! I've only been in this area (almost) 3 weeks now so I had only met him once before his baptism but it was such an amazing baptism! He was just so prepared and ready to be baptized. He is 18 years old and is already planning to serve a mission in 1 year. Talk about awesome. It was so neat though because when he was going down into the water it was like slow-motion and then when he came up he took a big breath of air. It just made me think of how the baptism really does symbolize us being born again. When we are baptized we are completely washed away of our sins and made clean and almost like a new person. It was just so neat. Plus President and Sister Center came so that was great to have them there as well.  3- We got to sing at the Tabernacle on Sunday with a bunch of the missionaries close by here to St George. It was a great night!

This week it didn't seem that we had much noticeable progression in our area. It is so hard being in the Visitors center and sharing half of our time there. Plus with the holidays everyone has just been so crazy. But the Visitors Center has been great! I am getting back into the swing of things there. Let me tell you though, Monday night was a mad house there. Last Monday night before Christmas= insane! We had to have had like 2000 people there, I swear. Ok maybe not that much but there was a lot. It was so fun though just staying busy and talking to everyone. Sister Phagwah and I were able to get a good amount of referrals that night though so that was good. Since coming back to the Visitors Center I haven't had a whole lot of people to call in the Teaching Center so I'm excited to get that going again. Do you remember like 6 months ago before I left the Visitors Center for Kaibab I was teaching a lady over the phone named Joyce? Anyways, I have gotten in contact with her again. She has moved temporally and left her Book of Mormon at her other home in a whole other state. Well she gave me her now address to send her a copy and before she wouldn't give me her address so this was a big step! Anyways, she just had surgery so please pray for her and pray she will be able to have that desire to read more!

Ok now Christmas- It was so great to talk and skype to you familia! I had a really great Christmas. I'm kind of sad it'll be my only one on the mission really. So Christmas Eve we had dinner with the Turner family in one of our wards. Every Christmas Eve they get matching pajama bottoms and so they got Sister Phagwah and I some too. It was so cute. Then we had a district activity that night and got to watch Despicable Me 2! Ahh I was so stoked but we missed the last 15 minutes or so because of curfew :( Sad day! So I'll probably have to wait 9 more months to finish it. Haha! Then Christmas morning we had breakfast with the Drolets, one of the senior couple we work with at the Visitors Center. They made us eggs, biscuits, and bacon. So good! Then we headed over to the Visitors Center for our "Secret Angel" gift exchange and white elephant gift exchange. Sister Luebbert (MTC companion) ended up being my Secret Angel so that was fun! She got me a picture from with some really embarrassing pictures from the MTC haha but it was fun! We then skyped and then after headed back to the Visitors Center for lunch with all the sisters and senior couples. Some wards donated scarfs and we all got to pick out 3! I think I have a total of 13 scarfs know. Haha I'm not sure how that happened.. but I love them so I'm not complaining! ;) We then had a zone activity our in Hurricane and had another White Elephant Gift exchange and then played Ultimate Frisbee. Which was good because that prepared us for the 2 dinners Sister Phagwah and I had that night :o I feel so very blessed to be here serving in this mission. We are so spoiled here in Utah. One of our dinners gave us some gifts too, including yet another scarf! Hahaha! We ended our night with a short shift at the Visitors Center. So it was a very good Christmas!!!!!!!! I have loved being back in the Visitors Center at this time to be able to remember the true reason for this season- Jesus Christ. 

Well I hope that you all had a great Christmas and have a happy new year!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!

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