Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013- Goodbye Kaibab :(

Hello, How's it going?

Good news: The time is finally here for Tobi to be baptized this weekend! 
Bad news: I'm getting transferred tomorrow :(

I am really really sad to leave Kaibab.. Like really sad. I have loved working here. It's been the hardest yet but brought the most joy. I love the small town and the people here. Everyone is so great and the people are all starting to progress now! And it kills me that I am going to miss Tobis baptism!! I can not even talk about her enough and how amazing she is. We saw her quite a bit this week and finalized her interview and baptism! We also went over there last night to watch the Christmas Devotional. While President Monson was talking she said "He's looking right at me. He's talking to me." She loves President Monson so much and has such a powerful testimony of him. Well I hope you all watched it cause it was so good. I really enjoyed Elder Nelsons talk on the Savior. SO SO GREAT! 

Oh and we got a new investigator this week in Colorado City! Yipee! Her name is Anniston and she is almost 10. Her family is less-active so we are trying to work with them and hopefully get them re-active but we were able to set Anniston on date for January 4th so hopefully they can get really committed by then.

We met with the Jim and Sue just once this week because they have been out of town. But it went pretty well other than we extended the baptism invitation and she didn't accept. She's "already been baptized" so we will see! I love them so much! I am sure gonna miss all these people. They won't get back until tonight so I will not even get to say goodbye. I hate transfers.

This week has been so insane with the snow. I had mentioned (I think last week) that it snowed but oh nooooo. I have now seen snow. It was worse than when I lived in Provo! Saturday night we were driving home from a Ward party in Fredonia and I had to go like 20 MPH on the highway. Talk about scary! I am so thankful we have that 4 wheel drive jeep now though! The storm that night was so bad that our stake ended up cancelling church!!!! And we ended up being on lockdown from our mission president until 3 anyway! Is it bad that I consider that a tender mercy because I had so much packing and area book updating to do!? It was so weird to be in the apartment that long though and not be able to take the sacrament and I didn't even get to say bye to people at church. Maybe it's easier that way though..

Speaking of ward parties, we went to 3 this week! We got quite a few less-active families to come which was amazing!!!! It was good to be able to see lots of the members too so I was able to say goodbye because I knew transfer calls were coming up and figured it was my time to go :(

So we will leave tomorrow morning bright and early! My new companion is Sister Phagwah and she is from Guyana! She has just been out 3 months, the same time as Sister Hollander. So I don't know her but heard she is really sweet. I am excited because I'm gonna have her teach my spanish! Wahoo! Oh and we will be in the Washington East and I'll be back in the Visitors Center. I am excited to be there for Christmas.. That should be fun!

Well I better get going!!!! I'll talk to ya'll next Tuesday, thats when my Pday will be this transfer! Love you all!

Mission office:
107 S 1470 E STE 304
St George, UT 84790

 My new companion is sitting next to me in the green cardigan!

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