Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 29, 2014

Hello, How's it going??

Well guess what? Heavenly Father still loves us and continues to bless us every-single-day! He continues to amazeme constantly!

We got 3 new investigators this past week! And all super solid!!!!

So there is a girl named Kyara (13 but way mature for her age) who we have been trying to meet with since day 1 of being in the area. Sisters had taught her back in September but then just lost contact I guess.. Literally they never opened the door and we would go multiple times each week. Well we decided to try them again last week and lo and behold as we knock on their door we see their truck pull up. WAHOO! So we met her moms boyfriend (both LA) and next thing we know Kyara walks outside! And we just got to know her for a while and she invited us inside. Turns out as she was meeting with the missionaries before she told them the whole time she wanted to be baptized in March on her great grand mothers birthday and so they kind of dropped her. Well guess what? March is just around the corner! She told us she still wants to be baptized then too! So we are meeting with her tonight for our first official lesson with her and are going to set this specific date for her to be baptized! So excited! And of course re-activate her mom and her boyfriend in he process.

So I think I talked about Lisa a few weeks ago but we hadn't been able to meet with her since. Well we finally got in contact with her again and taught her and her 2 sons joined us! (new investigators there) It went really well. Her sons are 12 and 11 and they are great. So involved with YM and scouts. The felowshippers are great here. Now if only we could find one for her husband, Darren. He hasn't sat in on the lessons and is not as interested but hopefully we will be able to get a really good fellowshipper for him  help out there.

Also, last week I forgot to talk about Naomi's baptism... Well it didn't happen. Her mom woke up a few days before with her leg completely numb. She finally decided to go to the doctor the day of the baptism and turns out she has a disc in her spine that is bulging and hit a nerve. But Naomi is getting baptized this SaturdayThird times a charm, right? 

Yesterday was Sister Phagwahs birthday and we had a really good day. Spent half of it in the Visitors Center and the directors made her a cake- pink of course. Then we had 2 lessons, stopped by and visited with Naomi and her family and went to dinner with the LeRoy family. (Who let us skype at their house for Christmas) Anyways, it was a really good night.

Well time is running out of course.

Love you!!!

~Sister Allen

 Nine months in the mission field.

 The LeRoy family. 

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