Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 8, 2014- Miracles!

Hello, How's it going?

Ok I have spent too much time personally emailing everyone so sorry if this is shorter..

Exciting news- We have 2 baptisms this Saturday! Ya, where did that come from? The Lord, the spirit.. you name it! So I have talked about Naomi (10) and Anthony (9) a bit. So we committed them to baptism last week but couldn't pick a date because their parents weren't there on that lesson. So the next day we went back and they said they wanted to be baptized this weekend. It just worked out perfect because their uncle is coming in to town and so they would like him there. I just love these kids. They have such a desire to learn and they are so smart. They retain everything! I love it.

I also talked about James, our eternigator, last week. Well we met with him again and guess what? He wants to be baptized!!!!!!!!! Yes the James that has met with sisters for 2-3 years and never ever wanted to be baptized. He wants to be baptized in California but hey better than not at all, right. So he hasn't picked a date but we are meeting with him tonight at the Visitors Center and we are so excited!! We are going to show him 'God's Plan for his Family' and talk about the temple and it is going to be great! Hey all you Mesa people, go to the Visitors Center! It is so fantastic, and if you feel like crying just go to 'God's Plan for his Family' it works every time. But if it is like ours there is Kleenex box's in there just in case ;)

We have a new investigator, Jessica, too that I haven't talked about yet. The week before I came in to this area she saw the sisters walking by and offered them cookies. Turns out she is Catholic and is married to a less active member, Dayton. So right before Christmas we went over and shared a Christmas message with them and when Dayton gave the prayer at the end he started to cry. It was so tender! But they were then out of town for while so we stopped by a few nights ago and set up another time. I am so excited to teach them. They are the cutest, little family!

Oh more exciting news- So in the Visitors Center we have an hour everyday to go in the 'Teaching Center' where we can call people over the phone to teach them. Whether its people that come in to the center, referrals, people that call us through, or friends back home even! Salt Lake actually just told us that we can call our non-member friends to teach them!!! I am so excited! So hey if you have any one you want me to call I will!!!!!

Well I am just loving this time. I got my 'halfway papers' this week and I kinda freaked out! They gave me a copy of the goals I made my first day in the field so I could go over them. 

Love you all!

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