Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 22, 2014- The start of transfer #7

Hello, How's it going?

Ok So I forgot my last planner so I don't even remember what's happened since last week. I have no idea where time goes.

But I have something very exciting I forgot to write last week.. Don't ask me how I forgot! Ok every missionaries dream voice mail: "Hi Sisters, This is Bishop. I have a friend that wants to get baptized in about 1 month and would like 3 lessons a week. Please give me a call back as soon as possible!"  Um you can imagine what happened when we got that.. Yep, we screamed!!!!!! Of course we called him back right then. So his name is Andy. And he is (obviously) so ready!!!!!!!! We met with him twice last week and again tonight. He has met with missionaries about 1 year ago and felt ready for baptism but he said he felt like the missionaries wouldn't let him progress, like they never even talked about baptism and so he dropped them after the 6th lesson! So all you missionaries out there, or even normal members- expect miracles! People are ready all around us and we don't even know it! Speaking of.. So like 2-3 weeks ago we went to the mall on Pday and stopped at a jewelry store to see if they could fix my watch. We were kind of in a hurry because Pday time is precious so we didn't even bring up the gospel to the guy helping us and after we both felt bad and felt like we should've said something... Well guess who that person was!? ANDY! Yep when we first met him at our fellow shippers house we were like freaking out. The Lord has our back, thank goodness! Listen to the spirit and act upon it!!!! We learned out lesson there. Anyways, we put Andy on date 1st lesson for February 23rd!!! Wahoo! He's so golden!

We met James again and he is still good. Wants to get baptized, but still held up with coffee or as he said "WOW" AKA Word of Wisdom haha so funny! Love him! His wifes father just passed away which is who he wanted to baptize him in California so maybe he will just do it here now. They need some time to cope and deal with the funeral so who knows when we will see them next.

Oh we talked in church Sunday. I think it was my 7th talk on my mission? Anyways, it was good. It was on our Testimony of Jesus Christ so that was easy to talk about.

Transfer Call: I am staying with Sister Phagwah and staying in our area. I'm super excited to stay in this area. It is progressing so much! 2 of the pictures are from transfer day. Sister Luebbert is going to Beaver and one of my favorite poly sisters, Sister Pene is going up to Richfield. Sad day but glad they will get the outbound experience! I kinda miss it. But love the Visitors Center too. Bitter sweet. The other picture is our last DTM as a district! Luckily, only 1 elder is leaving.

Hey well I'm running out of time. Know that I love you all!

~Sister Allen
107 S 1470 E STE 304
St George, UT 84790

Sister Caroline Luebbert

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