Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hello, How's it going?

Sad news- Naomi and Anthony did not get baptized Saturday :( Their mom was sick and so they weren't able to come down to the Visitors Center for their baptismal interviews and I guess Anthony isn't sure if he wants to be baptized now. Their mom thinks there is pressure from their dad to not get baptized. But Naomi is still on top of it and very excited!! They just have all been sick so it might go on this weekend and might not. Whooo knows. 

We did have a very good lesson with James though!!!! He met us at the Visitors Center and we took him through "Gods Plan for his Family" and showed him pictures of the inside of the St George Temple. It was sooo good! He asked lots of questions and told us he wants to be sealed to his wife and children! As far being baptized he has been "very busy" and so hasn't picked a date (or place) yet. But we are seeing him again tonight soooo we are going to pick a date!!!!!! He's so ready. Pray for him that he may feel the need to be baptized sooner rather than waiting for who knows what. Maybe we should read Alma 34:33 with him. We will follow up on that next week ;)

Ok so I'm not sure if I have talked about Kanani and her sons at all, Hayden (9) and Jeremiah (6). But we tracted them out about 3 weeks ago I think? Kanani is in-active and so her son Hayden has not been baptized. We had 1 lesson with them 2 weeks and did a fun little Church, Pray, Read game with them. And they just loved it! We have been trying to set up another time to meet with them and they want to but are extremely busy. She works 2 jobs everyday plus with all heir extracurricular activities they are a busy family. But let me tell you, I LOVE THEM! They are Samoan so I automatically love them. But there are 2 Samoan sisters here in the VC so they are teaching me little phrases in Samoan so every time we go to visit I tell them a new phrase I've learned and they always just laugh at me because Samoan is really hard and I'm sure I butcher it every time.. But it's fun. Anyways, we just decided to stop by there last night. Which by the way, we had 4 lessons last night and ALL of them cancelled!!!!! Grrrr. but it was good. We just were able to go and get to know them more and just really become friends. Listen up, it is sooo important to gain the trust of non-members, and in actives. There doesn't need to be a formal lesson every time. And for all you member missionaries out there. Reach out to your neighbors! People just need to feel loved, wanted and feel the spirit through you! 3 Nephi 12:14-16

Ok so somehow we are continuing to see miracles here! Our heavenly Father truly loves us!!! :) We got 2 new investigators this week! One is Lisa. She was meeting with the sisters like 3 months ago but somehow just stopped meeting with them so we finally decided to go and see what happened. Turns out she has just been busy with the holidays and that's it really. She has great fellow shippers and came to church Sunday! And she loves it! Her husband isn't too sure about it and so I think that holds her back. She also has 2 sons (11 and 12) and they love their scouts and YMs. Anyways, she already brought up baptism!!!! Wooo! We are offically gonna have our first appointment with her in a couple days so I'm excited. 
Next is Melinda. She is married to a LA man and they live with his active parents! She has been coming to church with them and everything so we went over, met her, and set up a time so we can come teach her. The lord is putting prepared people in our paths! It is just simply amazing! 

We also went to the Beehive Home (Old Folks Home) here in our area and visited with the residents there yesterday. We met a lady named Barbara who isn't a member but said she likes to live like she is one. She has great friends that are members that are working with her and so we will continue to try with her.

I LOVE THIS WORK! I love this area and I love these people! Transfer calls are this Saturday and transfer day is next Tuesday! And I'm freaking out.. as always! You get to an area, love it, then have to leave and are sad.. and it starts all over again! But it's great. That is the mission life.

I hope you all are doing great!!!! LOVE YOU!

~Sister Allen

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