Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 12th, 2014

Hello, How's it going?

Missionary life is crazy, you know that? In a good way of course. Always something to keep life exciting... So we got a baby today! Yep, I'm training again.. Well for at least 3 weeks. Then who knows what the transfer calls will be. She just came in this morning so mid-transfer. Not sure why but that's okay :) Her name is Sister Archambault and she is from Canada, but was called french speaking for all our frenchie buses! Don't know too much about her because we literally just picked her up 2 hours ago. But she seems awesome! I'm kinda nervous to be in a trio but I guess the Lord knows we can do this.

We met with Andy yesterday and he had his baptism interview!!!!!! He is all set to go for next Saturday, the 22nd! Let me just tell you.. It cracks me up when we teach him because he is just so ready like he is willing to obey any commandment without any questions. It kind of boggles my mind how open and prepared he is. But I couldn't be more thankful for the Lord putting him on our path and the path of his awesome fellowshippers, the Ahquins! Which by the way, love their family! The best missionaries and just people ever!

Funny times: Saturday we went to the Beehive Home, it's a retirement home here in our area. We went to visit a potential investigator, Barbara. Right when we walked in though there was about 5 or 6 people in the front room so we stopped and talked with them. I met a man named Lynn Olive and he is 97 years old and a crack up! Here are my 2 favorite quotes from him: "I'm probably going to fall in love with you." and "I might have to start polygamy again." Needless to say.. I was dying!! Hahaha so funny and Sister Phagwah was talking to another lady so she totally missed it. 

Scary times: So every night Sister Phagwah and I have bedtime stories. As we lay in bed falling asleep we will ask a random question like "What did you do for your 16th birthday?" or "How did your parents meet?" Just random things.. Anyways, last week she decided to tell me a story of when her sister was on her mission in the West Indies and how they thought one night that someone was trying to break into their apartment because they heard a big loud noise. Well silly Sister Phagwah.. Next thing you know we are both screaming and freaking out and then Sister Phagwah jumps in my bed. Haha what then followed was us checking our apartment with my little flashlight to make sure no one was in there. Of course, no one was. We had just psyched ourselves out.

Exciting times: We (all the VC sisters) went to Jacob Hamblin's home for a tour. Which was super fun! because we always promote it but none of us had been before. Jacob Hamblin is a great man and such a great example of faith and dedication to the church.

We got 2 referrals last week that are super solid. One was for the Howe family and as we contacted them the dad answers the door saying "You know I have lived here a while and never had missionaries knock on my door. Come in." Well he was the only one home so of course, we couldn't go in but we were able to set up a return appointment and he even said he would feed us dinner! Well he then had to go out of town so we had to reschedule but that's okay. The next referral was a media referral meaning by text message through Her name is Macy and we called her and left a message and she actually called back!!!!! She sounded super excited and we were able to set up a time to meet with her.

Things are just continuing to pick up here in Washington East and I feel blessed beyond belief!

Well have a good week and love you all!

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