Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 5, 2014- Another in the waters of baptism

Hello, How's it going?

Okay great and exciting news! Third time really is the charm.. After planning and cancelling Naomi's baptism twice she was finally baptized this last Saturday, February 1st!! Her brother, Anthony didn't end up feeling ready or really having the desire so he wasn't baptized. And the dad (big Anthony) would still not sit in on our lessons but this baptism has worked miracles! As I was talking at the baptism Big Anthony had tears in his eyes! And if you see the pictures he is a big man, and definitely not a softy. Afterwards, Tamara (mom) said she had never seen him like that. And Little Anthony was just so happy. He had a smile the whole time!! The next day Naomi was confirmed in church and it also happened to be fast and testimony meeting. So Tamara got up and it was so sweet. She also said that little Anthony said he now wants to get baptized! Miracles, I tell ya. Now if we could get Big Anthony to join us.

Andy is still doing great! And still on date for February 22nd!!!! He is just so solid, I don't even know what to say. Oh did I tell you he used to be a Christian Preacher? Yaaa he's really smart with the bible and knows it so well! Kinda intimidating but he's so open and ready it doesn't even matter. It just adds to the lessons!

Ok Lisa so we picked up her 2 sons as new investigators! Did I mention that last week? Don't remember... Well they came to church on Sunday! Which Lisa usually goes but her boys are kinda off and on! We had another lesson with them yesterday and put her on date for March 1st!!!!!! Seriously my mind is blown at how ready all these people around us are! The boys are not sure yet but praying about it! Her husband, Darren, didn't sit in on the lesson again :( Hopefully soon we will be able to teach him too! But we know that it might be similar to Naomi... They might just have to wait til they feel the spirit of her baptism an see that as an example for them. Lisa feels it'll probably go that way too..

On Sunday we had a man come up to us and say something along the lines of: "Hi just wanted to introduce myself. I want to take the lessons and get baptized." Then 2 minutes later.. Another man came up and said "Hi. I'm a member but my son and wife are not. I think my son is ready for lessons and to get baptized." Uhhh where do these people come from?

The Lord shows us miracle every single day. Look for them and you will find them.

Gotta go, Love you all so much!!!!

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