Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February 19, 2014- Perfect work, perfect gospel

Hello, How's it going?

I love my life as a missionary! Have I ever mentioned that? Well, I do! 

I was super nervous to be in a trio, but I absolutely love my new companion, Sister Archambault. I love the fire that the new missionaries have! She is just so excited to be out here in the field and she truly knows her purpose as a missionary. She has been a great addition to the companionship. We get a long really well and have fun! She is kinda shy but I am breaking her out of her shell ;)

I hope you all had a good Valentines Day. We spent it doing the Lords work of course and serving at the Visitors Center and it couldn't have been better. We delivered cookies to all our bishops that day and got to know them even more. It is hard having multiple wards and splitting it with the the Visitors Center but hey it works! The picture attached is of me and my companions all in pink on Valentines Day! Companionship unity :)

Well Andy is good to go for this Saturday!!!!!! There has been some confusion with his baptism but it is all figured out and this Saturday he will be baptized!!! Unfortunately he has decided to switch his records to his girlfriends ward after he is baptized so we won't be doing the recent convert lessons with him but I have truly enjoyed this time we have had to prepare him for baptism. It just really has made me so much closer to our Heavenly Father and realized how much people are just ready all around us.

So exciting things are happening up here in Washington East! We have an investigator Pat. I think I've just mentioned him once before. Well he started meeting with the sisters back in September. Married to an active member, Meg, who is just awesome! Well we have been working with him ever since I got in this area (2+ months) and about 2-3 weeks ago we went over to their home and we felt impressed to share Ether 12:6- "And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith." I went on to explain about my decision to serve a mission. When I got the answer to serve a mission I did not feel peace about it at all. I was terrified really. That peaceful and calm feeling (confirmation from the Holy Ghost) really did not come until I made that step to show my faith and meet with the Stake President to start my papers. Heavenly Father needs to see our faith sometimes. We need to act. It was awesome because he then related it to him as well. They had just gotten back from Hawaii and he related it to him picking out sunglasses. It's something he wants but he has to act upon it and just do it! I don't know, he related it to himself better than I can explain. haha. We promised him that if he, rather than asking Heavenly Father, but told Heavenly Father that he was going to be baptized then the peace and calmness would come. He seemed a little unsure but agreed because it was something he had never thought about. Well we saw them Valentines Day and he wouldn't give us an answer. He said that if he was going to get baptized he would want to let Meg know in a romantic, sentimental way and not have us find out the same time. Well I took that as he was getting baptized. But we agreed to wait it out til he gave us his answer. Sunday we were at the door greeting people and Pat walked in with the biggest smile I have ever seen!!! I said "So?" He smiled. I asked again "So?" and he replied "Yes." I said "Whhhaaatttttt!?" He said "The first Saturday in March." Of course me being a missionary I know all the Saturdays dates and knew it would be March 1st. Well to make this long story shorter. He is now on date for next Saturday March 1st!!!!! Literally like one of the highlights of my mission. His wife then walked in with maybe even a bigger smile than Pat! Pat let the boys walk in the room with a picture of Christ and tell her that "Daddy is getting baptized!" The stinking cutest ever. I can not wait til this family can go into the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity. And then Pat can baptize their oldest son in just 2-3 years! I love this work! It is so perfect. This gospel is so perfect. It changes peoples lives! And it has truly changed my life. I could not be more grateful for this gospel!!!!!

Here is a mormon message I just love!

Love you all! And I hope you always remember how much our Father in Heaven loves you!

~Sister Allen

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