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March 24, 2014- "Quiet: God at Work"

Hi, How's it going??

This week has been crazy.. It's been kind of a rough week really, but I continue to look for the tender mercies the Lord gives us every single day. And I am able to find those tender mercies every single day.

Here is a quote I found in the ensign this morning that I absolutely love.
"Sometimes we will face things for which there is no earthly explanation. In those moments we need to erect a sign that reads 'Quiet: God at Work.' Meanwhile, hold on, Child of God. Keep believing. Don't quit. Don't give up. Let God do His work in you. The greatest tragedy is to miss what God wants to teach us through our troubles."

Announcement: The Lord loves us all.
I read my patriarchal blessing this morning and it amazes me the things that stood out to me that I've never really paid attention to before. I saw a lot of different things in there that gives me strength. I was told quite a few times how much our Heavenly Father loves me. Well you're probably thinking 'Of course- He loves us all'. It was a great reminder nonetheless. Sometimes I forget that. Then I sign online today to find a simple email from my Mission President which said "I am really grateful for you." I really have no idea where that came from but it's just what I needed. Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing enough. I get down on myself because of the lack of progression in our area. I just have to remember everyone has their agency, I can't make people accept the gospel or have the desire to repent and change. I continue to push forward, serving Him in righteousness and keeping His commandments and then I see the tender mercies of the Lord.

We did get 1 new investigator this week. Her name is Grace. She is 10 years old and just moved in with her Grandma Becky, who has 3 kids at home still. Grace has had a rough upbringing being moved to and from foster homes but she should be permanently with Becky now. You wouldn't know she has had a rough life though she is a super quirky and funny girl. We are going to have our first official lesson this Wednesday. YAY!

The week before I got here they had stake conference and the percentage of how many members actually went is unbelievable. Only 16% showed up to the Saturday night adult session and on Sunday only 31%. So many people here have the blessings of the gospel and don't take it for its full advantage. So we are working with tons of less actives and there lots of updates on less actives this week.

Last week I mentioned about Scott and his mom Colleen. Well we had an appointment to go help her plant her tulips and she had her husband call us and cancel the day of :( Well the next day we were walking and contacting a few homes and Scott comes running up and tells us to just show up in our jeans ready to plant later that day. So we did, of course. Haha. At first she said 'No it's okay.' But after a little convincing and plus we were already in our jeans she said yes! It was so good too! (Besides when Sister Diaz threw a worm at me and it landed on my hand!) Colleen opened up a ton! This town is tough for new comers to come in to especially when you are told if you are not an active Mormon you won't fit it. Her and her family have just been here about 2 years I believe. But she is a really strong lady. We are going to start the 'Stop Smoking Program' we have as missionaries this week hopefully. Why did no one tell me about this program before!? I could have helped so many people quite. I have heard tons of miracles about it! So I am excited! We are also starting another LA couple, Darwin and Mary, on the program this week.

There is another LA family we have been working with, Tyler and Lacey, and they have come to church the past 2 weeks!!!!!! YAY! Tyler even met with the Bishop and if they continue to come to church and become activated he will be able to baptize their oldest daughter in a few months.

We also met a 15 year old LA girl named, Mercedes out in Wales. Life is tough for high schoolers here in SanPete County. There is so much bullying that goes on and it just kills me. She has dropped out of school and now doing online because of it. And that's not the first story we have had heard like that. Luckily, she says she is doing a whole lot better now. Anyways, we told her to look up some Mormonchannel videos and we are going to go back to see what she thinks because we couldn't go inside because she is underage.
Here are the links for them: Bullying- Stop it and Our True Identity.

We also went "home teaching" yesterday with a member to a LA couple, the Rancks. We felt impressed to show the Restoration DVD. Not really sure why or what way to go with it but we did. After the movie Sister Rancks just had tears in her eyes and expressed how she knew she needed to change and to be a better example for their son. Who he is super active, he is 14 years old and just a little Joseph Smith. He bore his testimony to his parents and it was so beautiful. I tell ya, the youth these days continue to amaze me!!!

Moroni is stretching me a lot. We have taught some sort of class every week since I've been here. We taught Gospel Doctrine and a 12/13 year old class yesterday. It's tough but ends up being really good and draws me closer to our Heavenly Father and makes me learn to trust him more.

Well sorry, I thought this weeks email would be short but turns it... It's not.

Know that you are loved by me, and by our Heavenly Father even more.

~Sister Allen
107 S 1470 E STE 304
St George, UT 84790

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