Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hello, How's it going??

Well this week was slow with lessons... Lots of cancellations but still was really good!

We had a baptism Saturday! Her name is Rhaynee. Sister Diaz and her last companion were already teaching her and had her on date so by the time I came it was just figuring out the baptism information. She is 10 years old, super shy, and super cute. Her parents are less-active and she has a 15 year old brother, Bryson, that hasn't been baptized yet. They all came to sacrament meeting for her confirmation which was awesome!!!! Tami, the mother, was super touched. Hopefully we will be able to work with them and Bryson more!

We taught Gracie the Restoration and it went really well. She said she felt good and of course we established that was the spirit! Then our next appointment they weren't home :( But she did come to Sacrament meeting which is so great! We are back on track with our next appointment and they said they will definitely be there this time. Fingers crossed.

Darwin and Mary had to go up to Provo for something so we haven't started the "Stop Smoking" Program with them yet but we did stop by last night and they already switched over to vapor cigarettes which is apparently better for you so we'll see. I just feel so uplifted when I go over there. Darwin is always, always testifying of Christ and his faith in Him. So excited for them and their adventure to become temple worthy. One day we will be able to join them in the temple and I can not wait!

This weekend we had dinner with a member family and it was probably one of the most humbling experiences. It was in the smallest, most run down trailer and you could tell that they had sacrificed to feed us. I wanted to cry for them. I didn't feel worthy enough to be in this situation. They were the cutest, happiest couple too. He played his guitar for us and some of his very own songs he had written. One was entitled "The Lazy Home teacher song". But cool fact- He has been an extra in over 5 Mormon videos.. Including Finding Faith in Christ, Ephraim's Rescue, and 17 Miracles.

Speaking of the guitar....Yall never thought I could be musical did ya? Well I'm probably still not. But I have taught myself how to play a few hymns on the piano. The right hand only but hey it's progress. I even played 'Be Still My Soul' in our District meeting. Yes, you read that right I played the piano in our district meeting. It wasn't the best, but I'll work on it :) Also I can play 'Come Follow Me' on the Ukulele and working on perfecting it. Maybe I'll take a video one of these days... Haha or maybe not.

This week was Spring Break here in Sanpete County which meant that PJ (8) and Kash (6) were home all week. (The family we live with) They would run downstairs every time they would here us come home and shoot us with Nerf guns or ask if we could go dirt biking with them or paintballing. Haha one night after planning we even got convinced to play "Chubby Bunny" with them. It was a fun week and made me feel like an aunt again. Now if only I could hold their sweet little baby that they are going to have tomorrow! Yep, Ricci is getting induced tomorrow and it's a surprise of what gender it will be so the whole town has been guessing. Gotta love the small towns!

It snowed this week! Yep, I'm freezing but then when it has gotten 60 degrees I feel like I'm melting in the car. I'm gonna die in Mesa.

The General Womens Meeting was this last Saturday and oh my goodness it was amazing!!!!!! I'm so upset, I left my notes at home but I feel super blessed to be a women. Haha we are pretty awesome and taking over, at least as missionaries. I have had a question on my mind for quite some time, something that has really been bothering me and I was able to receive peace about it during the Conference. I love Conference and that we can hear from these disciples of Christ and truly receive answers to our questions and prayers. I can not wait for General Conference this weekend. Click here to read more about the blessings of Conference and make sure you all watch it!!!!!! We are so blessed to have Prophets and Apostles of God to speak to us! 

PS: I got my hair highlighted this morning. Yep, I'm going blonde again. I have missed it for too long. I took lots of pictures this week but the blonde pictures will have to wait til next week! ;)

Picture Directory:
- The kids drew me on the driveway
- Rhaynee and her family at her baptism
- Sister Diaz in front of the "Great Gatsby" house
- Chubby Bunny
-Sister Diaz and I

LOVE YOU ALL! Hope you're doing good!

~Sister Allen
107 S 1470 E STE 304
St George, UT 84790

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