Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello, How's it going?

Hmm Lets see if my mind will focus for a second...

This week was good, as always. Work is continuing to be slow with non-members but blowing up with less actives.

The youth these days are the greatest. I am totally inspired by them. 1- There was a Family History Fair at our stake center on Saturday and we popped in to some of the youth classes for a little bit. It got me so pumped to do more family history to take names to the temple. So mom, you are helping me when I get back. 2- This last week we got a call from a "Scott" he wanted us to come over on Sunday. We set an apt over the phone but had no idea who it was until we drove by his house later. We had randomly knocked on their door last week but no parents were home. So we went over yesterday for our "appointment". They just happened to be outside doing yard work. Scott said "hi" and then walked away. We were so confused but started talking to his mom, Colleen. We got to know her and found out they are a semi-active family and she is the most in-active. And Scott is the one that is always trying to get the whole family to church. We set an appointment to come back to help plant tulips and also start her on the "stop smoking program". She then said sometimes Scott will call the missionaries without her knowing. Yep, that's what happened this time too. Sneaky kid.

Update on Lucille- Well she came to the Relief Society activity this week! YAY! She even signed up to feed us the next day. Unfortunately she cancelled and was feeling too overwhelmed. We stopped by that day and she seemed okay but than started to get light headed and black out. We hurried and helped her to the couch and all was well. She is now out of town but hopefully we can meet up with her this week.

We had Zone Conference this week in Richfield! We were able to drive down there the night before because it is quite a ways away. So we got to stay with the sisters there. It was so fun! Zone Conference was weird with so many elders and not as many sisters. Way different than being in the St George area. But the training was super good and I'm excited to put it into practice.

Let me tell you about one of my favorite families- Cherrie, Justice, Kiara, and Ryker! They are a semi-active family. The kids were more so than the mom but she has been coming back because she knows she needs to be prepared spiritually when Justice goes on his mission. (In 3 years haha) But we have lessons with them about twice a week and they are just awesome. She is sooo motivated to get active and everyone else around her active. She has just turned in to the greatest missionary. This week she invited us over to their house for Kiara and Rykers birthdays (12 and 4) We watched the Testaments and ate pizza. What better way to spend your birthday then with the missionaries watching The Testaments? Haha I love their family.

Ok funny story! So the family we live with are about to have a baby in a few weeks. So they got the baby monitor out to prepare. One night when we came home we saw the 2 boys PJ (8) and Kash (6) playing with it. After planning we go into our bedroom and see it sitting there on my night stand facing my bed. Hahaha so I go to unplug it and PJ comes running in insisting I leave it. So we did. We get ready for bed and came up with a plan to just talk about ridiculous things that "happened" that day. So I just tilted it up so it was facing the sealing so they couldn't see us but just hear us. We talked all about our monkey and moose we saw that day. (and ate haha) Oh and our paint balling activity with the Relief Society President and of course had to mention when we met President Monson and how he got us tickets to conference. The next morning they came running downstairs asking us all these questions. It was so great! When their parents found out they made breakfast for us and made the kids apologize. It was pretty good. But I've been raised with 4 brothers. What else can you expect form them? Haha I love their family.

Well that's all for now. Oh and it snowed this week. What!? Yep, but it didn't really stick though but it is freezing!!!

Love you all! Don't forget about me! Just 6.5 months left!

~Sister Allen
107 S 1470 E STE 304
St George, UT 84790

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