Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014- 1 year of serving the Lord! :0

Hello, How is it going??

I hope you all had a great Easter and remembered the true meaning of why we celebrate Easter. I know that as I have thought of why we celebrate Easter my testimony has really gotten stronger of our Savior and his atonement. I've realized that everything we have and everything we can become is because of Him. Without Him sacrificing Himself for us what would we have? We would have nothing. There would be no point to this life or to the next because we wouldn't be able to live with Him or our families again. Think about it. What do you have because of Him?

Last Pday we colored some Easter eggs with Ricci, Kash, and Madelaina. It was fun, I hadn't done that in so long! Our Easter day was really good! While we were getting ready in the morning Ricci called us up and we got to hide some Easter eggs for the kids. It was so fun to watch them get so excited. They even got Sister Diaz and I Easter baskets filled with candy, a necklace, and a scripture bookmark thing. They are the best, I love living with them!! Church was amazing, with some really good talks on of course Easter. After church we had an Easter lunch with Joe and Ricci and then an Easter dinner later with the Morleys and their whole family. They kept apologizing for how crazy it was but it made it feel like home to me :)

Yesterday we also went and visited with Maria again. She got surgery on Thursday and got home Saturday evening. Can I just say our Relief Society is awesome! They have lined up dinners for her this week! Maria I think is totally prepared.. Everything we have talked about so far is making sense to her. She really wants to go to church but not sure how long it will take her to recover from her surgery. When we told her we had to get going she was so sad and asked where we had to go.. So sweet, I love her!

So there is a Spanish branch in Ephraim where all the Hispanics from our area go to church. Well they just closed the branch down so they will be coming back into our wards! Have I mentioned that 50% of Moroni is Hispanic and most of them do not speak English. Well our mission president said we can take extra study time every day to learn Spanish.. So you can now call me Hermana Allen. Has a nice ring to it, right?

This week was really good with Marcuan, one of our investigators who was supposed to get baptized last month but got postponed til Mary 3rd. Well he is typical 9 year old boy, been hard for him to really get into the lessons but we found what works- Mormon messages. We focused a lot on the Book of Mormon this week and showed him this Mormon message on a man and his testimony of the Book of Mormon. He loved it! The next time we went back his mom was saying after we left that night he just kept watching Mormon messages and finally he told his mom "I feel weird.... I feel good!" She then told him that was the spirit and then they continued to watch them for a while. His mom, Ashley is less active so it's been really good for her too. We have also been doing lessons with just her in the day when the kids are at school. We have focused a lot on self worth and set some goals with her. We love their family too.

Have I talked about Jenn before? Not sure but she is one of our investigators who is engaged to a LA member. She is awesome and so so golden. She goes to church every Sunday and has the most awesomest fellowshippers- Joe and Ricci of course. Joe even got her tickets to Conference so she went to a session of that with some of James (her fiances) sisters. The elders that were here before us kinda lost some trust with her so we have been working on gaining that again. But just last week she had us over for dinner and said she is sick of being wishy washy. She loves going to church but she wants to make it more part of her life. Her family lives in Texas and asks her lots of questions about the church that she doesn't understand either. So we are starting the lessons tonight and we are all so excited! She would've gone through with the lessons I think earlier but she knows she cant get baptized til her and James get married and there is some financial issues there. But things are looking up and I think it is all coming together :)

We heard this great analogy this week: Going to church is kinda like a backflip. You have to be fully committed. If you lose sight of where you're going you're just going to land on your head.

Soooo today marks my 365th day of being a full time missionary! Yep the time is flying and who knows where! (Freaking me out!!!) Sister Diaz will hit her 1 year mark next week so we have decided to celebrate by doing a temple session so we have switched our Pday to Tuesday next week so be aware when I don't reply Monday. It will probably also be later in the day Tuesday that we get online.

Well love you all, and hope you're doing great!!

~Sister Allen
107 S 1470 E STE 304
St George, UT 84790

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