Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014 - The Superbowl of Missionaries

Hello, How's it going??
Did you know I am now in love with lambs? No dad not eating them.. just looking at them. They are the cutest ever! We found one tracting this week and of course we had to attempt to get a pic with it! 

Ok first off before I forget because I forgot last week- 2 of our recently activated sisters have been called as Ward missionaries!!!!! Cherrie and Amber and ohhh they are just so excited and so pumped to hasten the work. They have already gone and met with some of the less actives our WML has assigned them too. Amber had an awesome experience where she was trying to contact this couple but could not find them home or get a hold of them. Well yesterday Amber and her husband went to a baby blessing and she was able to meet the couple there. They were able to talk for a while and now Amber has her foot in that door in a less stalkerish way AKA awkward missionary way. It's true what Elder Ballard say.. We do always followup and are very persistent. You just learn it doesn't matter how awkward you are as a missionary. It's just what we do ;)

Sister Diaz and I were able to reach Standards of Excellence this week!!!!!!!!!! With over 20 lessons, 75% members present at our lessons, 3 on date, 4 new investigators, and over 7 at church/watching conference! It was a good week.. Lets see what I can remember... Time is just flying!

Fun fact- I did a LA ladys dishes for 2.5 hours straight. Don't ask me how she had so much. But it was good! Afterwards she asked if we could do the lessons with her. Service opens peoples hearts and am so glad people are willing to let us serve them. (Mosiah 2:17)

We went on splits with our STLs Thursday-Friday. I was stressing like always but it was actually really really good! Sister Rodriguez joined me here in Moroni and Sister Diaz was with Sister Moyano in Wales. 

Sister Diaz had the car so Sister Rodriguez and I were on foot. Sister Diaz accidentally dropped us off at the wrong house but we figured we would knock it anyway. Which is where we got new investigator #1-Maritssa. She said she had gone ot our church when she was 5 but didn't remember much. Her mom started going to the catholic church shortly after then so she claims that as her church now. She really doesn't know much of what they believe though. She let us in and we shared the message of the Restoration. The spirit was so strong. We committed her to pray about what we talked about and set a return appointment. :) 

We then go to the house next door thinking it was going to be the family we were looking for in the first place. This is where we found new investigator #2- Maria. She let us in right away (never happens) and we taught the Restoration as well. Unfortunately a little of the lesson ended up being in Spanish but I could catch up a little. English is Marias second language so we will see how this goes. Gift of tongues maybe? I would love to learn Spanish. Have I mentioned that 50% of Moroni is Hispanic? We are praying President will call us to take language study time to learn Spanish. PS Transfer calls this weekend. So maybe he will just call Spanish speakers in here :(
Sister Diaz also found new investigator #3- Heather, while they were in Wales. It was a good day and exchange to say the least! Miracles are happening here in the Moroni Stake! :)

We put Grace on date this week for April 26th!!!!! She is catching on really fast but unfortunately she struggles with remembering to pray.. but she has been reading the Book of Mormon so that's awesome! Unfortunately we all know if you don't pray about the Book you won't get an answer.

On a sad note- We were supposed to have a baptism on Saturday for Marcuan but unfortunately he cancelled but he is back on date for the end of the month. Apparently he wants an elder that used to serve here to baptize him and that elder is coming back the end of the month. Fingers crossed it will all work out. We did watch a session of conference with Marcuan and his mom, Ashley yesterday and it was so good. Sunday Morning might have been my favorite session! So many good talks!

Unfortunately, I left my notes for Conference at home and am running out of time :( 
Here are some themes that stood out to me though:
- Daily prayer and scripture study
- Trusting in the Lord 
- Live your religion 
-It snowed this week too! Hence the picture above of me without a jacket. Whoops.
-Grace is funny and got a dog beanie!

These 3 things are so crucial to joy and happiness in this life! I have truly felt that!!!! This gospel is here to bring us joy- To free us, not to hold us back. Trust in the lord and do what you're asked by your leaders. Blessing may not always come in the way that we think they will but they will come! I promise!!!!

~Sister Allen
107 S 1470 E STE 304
St George, UT 84790

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