Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29, 2014- It's a great time to be a missionary

Hello, how's it going??

Today is a good day! We started our day with a session in the beautiful Manti temple. I remember going and doing baptisms for the dead there like 7 years ago and I have just been in love with that temple since. Today just increased my love for the Manti Temple! Then on our way here to do emails, we checked the mail and lo and behold I had 2 letters. One from my long lost Norwegian missionary, Soster Harrison and one from a friend out in Colorado City, Charlotte! Then I get online to find out that one of my investigators from Kanab (Sue/Pam;) is getting baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!!!! I can not even begin to express how happy I am. Sister Hollander and I first started teaching her in November!!!!!!! And oh she was a stubborn one but we both knew she would come around! 
Also something I keep forgetting to mention is the names of those people that I once taught that have now been baptized!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember when I was a little greenie last summer and I taught Leah, Gilberto, and Tiana? Well Tiana got baptized last month!!!!! Sad thing is that apparently they were at the Visitors Center the day I got transferred up here but I obviously missed them. Ok now do you remember from my last area in Washington city- Lisa and her 2 sons, Brent and Kyle? They all got baptized last month too! Also, Kyara from my last area got baptized in March also. It's so hard to leave an area and those investigators and people that you love but it is the greatest to hear that they continued meeting with the missionaries and finally entered the waters of baptism!!!

Speaking of the waters of baptism, Marcuan is scheduled for baptism this Saturday, the 3rd!!!!!! Please please pray for him. It's been a struggle with his dad so he can take all the prayers!!!!! We have hopes it will go through this time, as this is his 4th baptism date! 

Tyler and Lacey is a couple that we have been working with that are freshly activated and Tyler is going to baptize their oldest daughter, Chanley, this weekend too! We are so excited that they have made this step as a family. We love them so much. The past few times we have gone there the kids are always trying to sneak out and want to be missionaries with us! If only we could bring the kids along, I'm sure we would get into more houses!

Saturday was a good day! There was a womens conference for our stake and Janice Kapp Perry and her husband came and talked with us. Cool thing is that almost exactly 1 year ago, last Mothers Day in the MTC she came and spoke to us in Relief Society and we were the very first ones to sing her new song "The Sisters of Zion" They now sing that every Sunday in the MTC. Anyways, we got to sing it again. Janice is such a hoot too, oh man she was making jokes like every other second. But here are some really cool quotes I'm stealing from her "Feeling the fear but doing it anyway" "Pray every morning to find someone to serve" "To love another is to see the face of God" She talked a lot about getting out of our comfort zones and developing new talents. Did you know she didn't start writing songs til she was in her 40s!? Ya and I thought I was too old to develop a new talent. So looks like I'm really gonna crack down on practicing the piano. Ya... because I have so much time haha maybe someday...

After the womens conference we went to Lindas our in Chester to help her paint and restain her cabinets. It was so fun! It seems like in every area there is 1 certain kind of service that people have you do... St George- Well no one let us do service there haha. Kaibab- Was pulling weeds. Oh we pulled weeds out there like no other. Moroni- Is cleaning, but luckily we got to paint. my whole mission I have wanted to paint! So I finally got the opportunity too. Have I mentioned Linda and how much I love her and her little family?? She is recently active and we are working on her husband, Cody still, and they have the 2 cutest little girls ever!

I love that I am surrounded by children up here. It seems like they are just everywhere!!!! They all love taking pictures on our cameras and they all also love wearing our name tags. Pictures of that below! :) They make me feel at home. Kids have such a sweet spirit and I just thrive off of them.

Maria is doing amazing! We had a few lessons with her this week and she even committed to come to church! Unfortunately, she wasn't feeling too well that morning so didn't come. But she has lots of sincere questions and is super open. Now if we could just get her to understand the difference between us and Catholics haha. Working on it..

Oh some hilarious, different take on God... One of our investigators.. (name shall be withheld) said she thought God has no butt! Hahahaha she said "If he is around us all the time I think he is just a giant head and has no butt." Hahaha so we had to clarify we are made after the image of God so he definitely has a butt! Hahahaha it was a good laugh.

Just in case you are having hard time watch this Mormon Message.

Picture Directory:
- It had been super windy this whole last week.
- Little ninos with our name tags
- Painting with Linda
- Rocks for sale

Well love you all, have a great week!

~Sister Allen
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St George, UT 84790

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