Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

Hellllooooo, how is it going??

This week has been so eventful!!!!! And a week full of many emotions!

So this week I had my first MLC. It is a 6 hour long meeting with President and Sister Center and the other leaders in the mission. I was terrified for who knows why, I just get nervous. President at one point asked what I liked about a story in the scriptures and I just sat there because I honestly didn't know the story that well.. and so I told him I wasn't sure. I felt so stupid for not knowing this story better, because I know I've read it and even know what chapter it was in, but my mind was just blank. Anyways, I was called to repentance by the spirit because it was a huge slap in the face that I should know the scriptures more. So i'm working on it. My memory is just horrible but I have been writing more in my study journal so it should help me to remember more. Anyways, The trainings were really good though! One was on working with members and the other on the importance of the Book of Mormon in conversion. It was fantastic and always a good reminder of these things! We had to do part of the training the next day at Zone Meeting so I got to study these things even more. It was great! I'm grateful for this transfer because it has pushed me so much to be better.

We went on exchanges this week with the Kaibab sisters! And I was able to go and stay in Kanab!!!!!!! Ah it was amazing! Like I didn't realize how much I needed it, but it was so sooo good! I love Sister Davis and it was our second exchange so we were just alot more comfortable with each other this time around. But she is a fantastic sister! We got there at like 4pm and had a lesson than dinner with one of the Bishops there! It was so good to see him and his family and catch up. Then one of my RC lives across the street so we got to go see them- Sue and Jim! Ah it was amazing to see them and see how far they have come since I left 8 months ago! Then we had another lesson with someone I didn't know but then we went and visited the Robinsons!!!!!!!!! Ah it was just amazing! It was so good to see these people that are so dear to me. I didn't realize it until I got there how hard it has been for me with these last 2 transfers. Last transfer Sister Garcia and I white washed and then I was transferred to Washington Fields. Its been hard to start over 2 transfers in a row. Because you really cant get too close to people in that short time and you don't get to see people progress as much. But going to Kaibab and seeing these people really helped me. It brought back so much to my remembrance that was really good. And to see as well how much I have changed since I have been there. It is hard sometimes to see if we have changed just day by day but going there and thinking of all the times there just got me thinking alot. Anyways, I'm just rambling now but it was amazing! Kaibab will forever be my home :)

But I am loving Washington Fields though! We have transfer calls this Saturday and I am really hoping that I will stay, I don't want to start over for my last transfer, but of course whatever happens is meant to happen! God knows best right!

So we had a fantastic lesson last night with Eric! Oh my goodness he is so close to baptism!!!!!!!!!!! Bishop Thibault and his son (who just returned home from his mission last week) joined us as well. We taught tithing and fasting, which by the way he has already fasted 3 times!!!!! WHAT who does that before we have even taught about it!? But he does have a fantastic fellowshipper and just finished reading the Gospel Principles book so it doesn't surprise me coming from him! It was so funny, Bishops son would start to say "Well we invite you to..." and then he would be like oh my gosh I cant do this I'm not the missionary! hahahaha it was so funny! We told him to continue though because they were great commitments! Anyways, Bishop asked him if he had set a baptism date and then just opened it all up, it was perfect. Pretty much long story short, Eric wants to get baptized but wanted to know how many lessons were left. We told him 2 and then he said he will talk to his family (who are not too crazy about the church) and next lesson we will set a date. Ahh woohooooo we were freaking out! So ecstatic for him!!!!!!

We also picked up 3 new investigators this week!!!! The Arzate family! They are so cute! We have just met with them once so far so more details later on them.

I am running out of time as always, but know that I love you all! I hope you all have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture directory:
- Sister Hokanson, Sister Vergara, and I at MLC
- Sister Leota and I at the VC
- Our sisters at Zone Meeting

~Sister Allen
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