Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 27, 2014

Hello familia y amigos!!!!!!! How is it going??

Wow seems like forever since I've been on here, ha its been a whole 9 days. I'm sure so many things have happened so we will see if I remember it all. I'm also kind of running out of time.. Whoops!

Okay we will start with my new companion, Seour Gaell-Morgan Calves from Bretagne, France! I love her so much! Oh my goodness, she is just the sweetest!!!! She is just so excited about everything. She is always happy and just wants to work. It's great :) 

We moved into a new apartment this week, or casita/guest house/mother-in-law/whatever you want to call it. Here in Southern Utah they call them casitas. Anyways, it is sooo nice! The family we live with, The Parrishs, own 10 of the McDonald's here in St.G so to say the least they are pretty well off. So we are spoiled. Did I mention our bathtub has jets?? 

Anyways, Eric got baptized on Saturday!!!!!!!!! Aw so excited!! He just makes me so happy! He changed so much from the first day I met him to his baptism date (7 weeks). His heart was so extremely softened. He went from only wanting facts and proof to going off the spirit and feelings he felt. He is such an example to me of following the promptings we receive and letting them changes us! Unfortunately he moved to another stake here in St.G so he will have the after baptism lessons from other sisters. But that's okay, he is where he needs to be and doing what he needs to do.

Things have been kinda slow lately with lessons. School started 2 weeks ago and ever since it has been slow. Which is weird because you think people would buckle down but they haven't quite yet. But we were able to get in and see Dale and Immi. We saw him last Sunday night, so my last when I was still with Sister Hokanson. At the end we go to give him a handshake and he pulls Sister Hokanson in for a hug but she didn't know what he was doing and so it ended up being this awkward side hug. Then he does the same to me and it ended up being like a "bro hug". As we are walking out he asked why Sister Hokansons hug was so weird and awkward and of course we explained to him that we can't hug males on our mission and he voice his opinion (like always haha) and talked about how weird that is. The next day he calls and I answer as Sister Hokanson is driving and he starts telling me how offended he was because she didn't properly hug him. He made some other weird and prideful comments and after we talked about it for 15 minutes we hang up. So when we go back to see him, now Sister Calves and I, we have to bro hug him. (Dont judge) but oh my gosh.. I have to say that was the weirdest experience of someone getting offended over. We taught him the Restoration the next time and he has lots of questions but still very open I feel... Anyways we will see with them. He has still gone to church every week since they moved here 2 months ago, except once. She has only come once because she likes the Baptist church but we will see.

Funny story: This week we went to one of our investigator families, the Arzates, and as we were talking to her on her porch this wasp flies up right behind me and the little boy freaks out. So the mom freaks out too and is like "come in, come in!" I"m trying to push Sister Calves in and telling her to go in and she says (in her cute accent) "Oh I know.." And she pulls out a Book of Mormon and hits it! Hahahahaha then it got up and started flying around again so we finally all run into the house. Afterwards we were talking about and I guess Sister Calves that we were telling the wasp to go 
in not her. Oh my gosh, it was so funny! #languagebarrierprobs

It flooded last night and it was so crazy! I also was on an exchange with one of my former copmanions, Sister Diaz! So fun!

Okay I'm sure there is more but I am out of time! Sorry, love you all! And have a great week!!!!!!!!!!

Picture directory:
- Transfer day craziness in the rain
- Sister Calves and I tracting
- Our landlord haha
- Driving haha self explanatory

~Sister Allen
881 S River Rd
St George, UT 84790

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