Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014- "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness." -2 Nephi 5:27

Hello people that I love!!!!! How's it going??

Mission life is crazy and oh so amazing!!!!!!! Today marks day 1 of my last transfer! I can not believe it but can at the same time I can. I have thought a lot lately of my mission and of all the experiences I have had! Oh okay I need to stop getting all sappy but this week was soo sooo great and this week will be too!

Last Friday Mary (from my last area-Bloomington) got baptized!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! I was able to go to the baptism service and it was so great. She is hilarious! She is older and so kinda loosing it but nonetheless she was ready and prepared for baptism! She has been welcomed into the ward so great and awesome fellowshippers as well. There is a picture of us below and of course her dog, Tinkerbell is in it. She has to bring that dog everywhere. Except surprisingly never brought it to church but needed to have her watch her be baptized. As Mary came up out of the font, she said "Did Tinkerbell see!?" Hahahaha oh my goodness, it was so great!

Ok next exciting news- Remember George and Bonnie from Fredonia ?? THEY ARE GETTING SEALED THIS THURSDAY IN MANTI! And I got permission to gooooooo! Our senior couple in our stake, the Hensleys, are being so kind to drive us up there. I'm so stinking stoked. And Sister Hollander and her companion will meet us there!

Oh (tangent) that takes me to companions.... Transfer calls: Sister Hokanson is going up to Manti with Sister Pene. I will be staying in Washington Fields and Sister Calves will be my new companion. I am sad to have Sister Hokanson go and so far away but excited for Sister Calves!!!!!! This will be the first time that I will be companions with a sister that I actually know pretty well. We have served in the Visitors Center with each other before. She is from Brittany, France and has the cutest little French accent ever. Oh my gosh she is just so cute I'm excited!!!!!!!!! When President told Sister Hokanson and I we both just screamed on the phone. Haha! Sister Hokansons first area was Fountain Green which is not too far from Manti. We even guessed it because Manti was going to need a new STL up there. She is excited to go up north and to a small town again. 

More exciting news- Eric is getting baptized this Saturday, August 23rd!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH! Yes we have seen him multiple times this week but the first time we followed up and we asked if he had talked to his family about being baptized. He said "No.... but I still want to set a date." We said "Okay so when are you thinking?" There was a pause... So I said "Eric we know that you are ready now...." Then he cut me off and was like "Woowww I'm not ready right now. How about anytime after next Wednesday?" Hahahahaha Sister Hokanson and I were in shock. Apparently Eric thought I meant like that day? Haha who knows? So yes this Saturday he will be baptized! We have already seen the adversary come in since he picked a date but he is so strong and so ready!!!! I'm so stoked!!!!!!!! Ekkkahahaha!

Oh my birthday was this week and it was so great! Thanks for all the birthday emails, letters, and cards. I appreciate it! My birthday was as great as it could have been. It started out with our Sisters Training Meeting (VC sisters meeting every week) at 7:30AM at the Jacob Hamblin home where we got a tour from a senior couple, the Dabbs. So then we can tell more people at the VC about going there for tours. Then we went straight to Zone Conference which we had a few trainings on faith and miracles and then a testimony meeting. It was so fun, there was 4 zones there so a lot of missionaries and sso i got to see so many peopple I love on my birthday. Then we just went out in the area and did normal missionary work but it was great. Had dinner with one of WMLs, the Maclellans, and they are so funny I love them. Their sense of humor reminds me of my family.

Ahhh okay there is probably so much more that happened but I have to go. Love you all!

Picture directory:
- Marys baptism!
- Face masks :)
- Next few pictures are from Zone Conference :)

~Sister Allen
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