Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday September 12, 2014

Hello my loved ones! How is it going??
Sarah is doing great although no longer on date for baptism for September 27th. Her mom doesn't feel that she is mature enough to make the decision yet. But Sarah has such great faith and isn't letting this get her down. She is continuing to meet with us, read the Book of Mormon and pray every day, and go to her ward every Sunday. And she loves it!!! She was used to going to other wards with her friends but we invited her to go to her own ward and she loved it. She said she loved no longer being a "visitor" and that she felt comfortable there in her ward although she doesn't really know any of the Young Women. I am just so excited for her and this journey that she is on. She will do great things in this life! Pray that her moms heart will continue to be softened and that she will see Sarah's dedication and testimony!
We had Zone Conference and MLC this week with Elder Don R. Clarke from the first quorum of the seventy and ah they were both so great! He is an amazing teacher. Extremely bold but loving. Where to even begin?? So Tuesday at the Zone Conference we talked alot about preparation, true conversion, and what "the work of salvation" is. It was amazing but after the conference I kinda felt chastised. I just realized I still have a lot to work on! People say that you start to get everything down at the end of your mission.. Well I am pretty close to the end and I don't think I got everything down. But I realize that is okay. That is how it should be. We should be learning new things every day and applying them every day. Once we feel we get something down then something else comes up to work on. Its a process but a great process because it causes us to change and repent and try harder to become more like Christ each day. I don't understand people that think we just need to accept Christ as our Savior and then we're saved. I would feel sad honestly. Elder Clarke kept saying "Happy always: Content never." I have felt content at some points in my life but I felt like things were lacking too. We either are increasing or decreasing in something. So I realized that its okay that some of the things he talked about I need to work on still. But I can say that each day I have done the best that I knew to be the best that day. At the beginning of my mission I tried my best every single day but today my best is more and so each day I need to give more. Does the make sense? The next day we had MLC, which is apx 20 missionaries including the STLs and ZLs, President and Sister Center, and Elder and Sister Clarke. Talk about scary and intense. But it was great! Elder Clarke talked alot about how we need to apply everything from the mission to our lives when we return home. We need to continue to set goals and make plans every week. We need to think everyday of "Who am I helping?" If we apply the things we learn from our mission and continue to seek out for those that we can help than our missions never end, which they shouldn't. Ah it was so great and it was just what I needed. I no longer have fears or feel like I'm going to throw up when I think about going home haha! I have allowed my mission to truly change me and that's not going to stop when I walk off the plane. My mission has changed my life and will continue to as I let it everyday.
I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have each and every day to testify of our Savior. We have ran into a few people this week that don't believe God loves them or knows them. It makes me so sad!!!! Because I know God is sooo aware of us, our situations, desires, struggles, everything! If you dont know this than I invite you to pray. Ask Him if hes there and if He cares. I know that we can all know for ourselves. Dont take my word for it.
Thank you all for supporting me through this journey! Love you! Hope you have a great week! My Pday next week will be Wednesday again!

Picture Directory:
- Sister Calves getting attacked by a dinosaur
- Last Pday at the Dinosaur Museum
- Hot Air Balloon early last Sunday morning :)
- We have fun at the Visitors Center (Sister Martin)
- More fun at the VC when its slow- Our new "angry baby" face

~Sister Allen
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