Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 24, 2014- Because of Him

Hiiiiiiiii, how is it going??

Well this it. This will be my final email before flying home 1 week from today! I can not even believe where the time has gone!!!! 

I've been thinking back to the beginning and how much Gods hand is in our lives every single day if we allow it. I remember when I first felt strongly that I needed to serve a mission but had no desire and was too young at that point anyway. Then the age change, I was now qualified to serve a mission ASAP. That freaked me out. A few months went by and my heart was extremely softened and now more open to the spirit which testified to me that I needed to serve a mission. Next thing I knew my papers were in, got my call, entered the MTC, and now here I am. 

I am so extremely grateful for this time I have had to serve the Lord and people here in Southern Utah. More than anything I am grateful for all that I have learned and how much my testimony has been strengthened. I thought I was converted before coming on a mission but now I know without any doubts that I am. The mission is such an interesting thing because my testimony has never been so tried, tested, or denied but with that opposition it has pushed me so much more! 

My favorite thing about being a full-time missionary is the constant spirit and guidance we can have at all times to be instruments in the Lords hands if we allow it. Yes, I know we can do that as normal member missionaries but I believe its different. This is the one time where we can completely devote all our time and attention to serving the Lord. I have loved praying every single day for the Lord to be my companion and oh the miracles we see as we succumb to His and the Fathers will.

I have loved being able to see people change. The atonement and spirit works miracles!!!!!!! I remember teaching Pat who was so stubborn and for the longest time would not allow himself to listen to the spirit. But he eventually did and was baptized and in February can be sealed to his beautiful wife and sons! Or Jay who decided on his own to take out his earrings and stop drinking beer just because he no longer had the desire after reading the Book of Mormon. Ah the list could go on of ways I have seen people change. 

I am grateful for Jesus Christ and for all that He has done for me, you, and everyone! Because of His sacrifice we can all have peace and joy. We can all one day return to live with Him and with our families again. How great is this gospel!!!!!!!! Please watch Because of Him if you haven't before.

"The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the way of life. To the extent we follow it and incorporate it in our lives, to this extent will we be blessed and prospered." -Gordon B Hinckley

I love you all and thank you so much for supporting me during my mission!!!!!!

~Sister Allen
2432 E Minton St
Mesa, AZ  85213

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