Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 17, 2014, Two weeks to go

Hiya, hows it going??

I am doing fantastic!!!!!!! This week is great, I just love life right now!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

So after last Pday we headed out to Colorado City where we were meeting up with the Kaibab sisters, Sister Davis and Sister Luebbert. Then we exchanged and I got to be in the Kaibab area with Sister Luebbert. It was amazing! We stayed the night with Bishop and Sister Adair for the Mocassin ward and it was so good to see them. I just love them! Then the next morning we went out into Colorado City and visited with people, than off to Fredonia and Kanab. I saw so many people that I love!!!!!! Kaibab is the place where I felt like I really grew a ton. I was there my 3-5 transfers! So I was still a little greenie and that is also where I trained. Which pushed me a ton. Going out there again just has got me thinking of all that has happened in the last 17 months of my life! I will forever treasure this time and Kaibab will forever have my heart. The exchange was amazing. Sister Luebbert is just fantastic! Its amazing to see how much she has grown as well! We didn't have a dinner apt that night so guess where we ate? The Junction!!!!!!!! Mom you should be jealous! ;) But we can eat here when we come visit. It was crazy too because Sister Luebbert got her flight itinerary when we were together. Its becoming more real.. Ahhh anyways..

Monday night was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! We actually found people home! Best.night.ever. We have had so many referrals lately to contact (blessed!) and its been hard to contact them but we were able to contact a few and get like 3 return apts!!!!!!! We visited with this girl named Savannah for a while. Her and her husband got sealed about 2-3 years ago but haven't been too active since. She opened up to us a ton and I am so excited to go back and work with them. You know when you just meet some people and you just connect? That's how it was. It was just so comfortable, like I know we were both sent here for them. I love it! That same night we got a call from a ward mission leader, bishop, and a member all with the same golden referral! We set an apt for the next day (now yesterday) and we were able to pick her up as a new investigator. We were on exchanges again so I wasn't there but Sister Calves says she is so amazing! Did I mention her name is Eve and she is 93 years old. She is living with her doctor and his wife. Haha I'm so excited to meet her.

Sarah is doing great! She is keeping all her commitments and loves everything. She just eats it up. Her mother is still not sure about it all but Sarah is continuing to push forward!

I just love this work. I love being able to see people change and being able to help people feel and understand the spirit.

Oh also something exciting- The Ogden temple is being dedicated this Sunday and we get to watch it! Sister Calves has never seen one so I'm excited for her. And it has been so long for me too.

Picture directory:
- Sister Calves knocking doors
- Sister Luebbert and I with Cocoa
- Good ol' polygamist doors that the sisters heart attacked

~Sister Allen
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