Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 3, 2014- "Let your hearts be full, drawn out in prayer unto Him continually." -Alma 34:27

Hiya, Hows it going??

Heads up this may be shorter than normal.

Our area has been pretty slow lately.. After we sent in numbers Sunday night we just felt so down. There is so much potential in our area but it's a matter of finding them and meeting with them! It seems like all our investigators have been out of town the past 2 weeks or just busy. So as we knelt down to plan Sunday night we pleaded with Heavenly Father that we could find a new investigator the next day. As soon as we say 'Amen' the phone goes off and we have a text from Sarah! I think I talked about Sarah maybe 1-2 months ago. Catch up: She had come into the Visitors Center with a member friend back in July watched the Restoration DVD and Gods Plan for his Family. She said she wanted to be baptized but wanted to wait til she was 18. Well we have been texting on and off since then trying to meet up. She has been super busy with vacations and now school and volleyball. (She is 16, senior in high school) Okay so in the text Sunday night she said she wanted to come talk to us while we are on shift at the Visitors Center. So she came in and right away she said that she knows she wants to be baptized but still wait til she is 18 because she is not sure of what her parents would say. We talked for a while with her and showed her the Mormon Message "Courage" and then she got a blessing from one of the senior elders. By the end she was in tears and just knew she wanted to be baptized now! Ah miracle! She is just so sweet and ready. She told us she was going to pray a lot and read the Book of Mormon and get back to us. Well she texted us the next day (now yesterday) and said she is going to talk to her mom so we set up a first official appointment. She isn't worried about her mom not allowing her to meet with us but she wants the support as well. And of course we would love to teach them as a family. So we will see :)

Random things from the week:
I went on 3 exchanges since last Pday. Its been crazy but I love it. I love learning from other sisters and being able to love them even more! 

The Visitors Center has been so slow but we have gotten 3 Asian buses the past week which is super rare! They are so nice and fun!

Last week for Pday we went geocaching. (Google it) It was so fun to do something different! And today we are going to Taco Bell and to the Dinosaur Museum. It's Sister Biery's bday tomorrow and she loves Dinos and Taco Bell so its perfect! I am really trying to live up my last Pdays on the mission. Time is flying!!!!!! Ahhh!

Next week we have Zone Conference and MLC (With Don R. Clarke, from the Seventy) so my Pday will be Friday next week and then will move back to Wednesday the following week.

Picture Directory:
- Sister Calves and I
- Fun at the VC with former comp, Sister Phagwah
- Saw Charlotte (one of my old investigators form Colorado City)
- Exchanging with the Kanab Sisters :)

PS: I know I don't have much time left but yall can still write me! :)

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