Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013 Monday

Alright this past week has been an interesting one.. Haha it was good, they always are! So we had another lesson with Codie last week and it went super well! We filled out everything for her baptism program. Then comes Saturday which was going to be such a great day. We had 4 lessons planned and 1 of them being Codie. While we were at the Visitors Center that morning we got a call from every single one of our appointments cancelling :( And one of them was Codie's grandmother cancelling her baptism. Codie's parents are less active and so they haven't been supportive at all and Codie was getting really down about that. We were super bummer of course! But we immediately turned to prayer and pleaded with Heavenly Father that she would know that this is the right thing to do. We fasted on Sunday as well for her. She is such an awesome girl, it would kill us to not see her get baptized! So that night we just tracted, not finding anyone to teach. But my companion reassured me that when something bad happens it usually means something really great is about to come.
Well then comes Sunday, we had the morning off from the Visitors Center so we were able to go to all 3 of our wards sacrament meetings. Fusi and Rico (one of the families we are teaching) came to church! It was awesome. The lady who spoke in church literally had the perfect talk for them. Fusi and Rico have 2 young daughters and want a religion in their lives to grow their children up in. The lady that spoke had the same thing in her life at one point. She talked about coming to the church and just feeling at peace like this is what they needed in their lives. It was just perfect!! I am really excited to see how everything goes with them!
Then in between sacrament meetings we got a call from Codies grandma.. She decided she is going to get baptized still!!!! HALLELUJAH! So everything is back on and she is getting baptized tomorrow evening! :)
I just love the Lord and the way He works. Ya know, He really does have a sense of humor and really does know what we all need. I think through this we were all strengthened! I know for sure Sister Sporl and I were. Prayers and fasting really does work! The Lord is just waiting to answer and bless us we just gotta show Him how much we really need them.
Well love you all, have a great week!!!!!!

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