Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013 Monday

Hello How's it going?? This week has been super great! There is always so many tender mercies. This week was stormy! FINALLY! We have been praying for rain and it finally came! Not as much as we'd like but it was still enough to cool us down a little :) Plus we got 3 new investigators!
So last week we decided to visit a bunch of less actives we had in our area book. We had tried to find this one guy named Clint before but couldn't find his apartment but we decided to try again. So we finally found it. And he and his wife invited us in right away. They have a daughter who just turned 9 and isn't baptized. Her name is Hailey. They are coming back to church and want her to get baptized!!!! Because she is older than 8, we are teaching her the lessons. She will probably get baptized in August!
Ok Remember last week I told you about that girl that Sister Sporl had taught in her first area? Well we had an appointment over at that home and she actually doesn't live there, she lives in another apartment in that complex buutttt we did get a new investigator from that apartment. His name is Tyler and his girlfriend is a member but has been less active for a while. But they came to church yesterday! YAAYYY! So hopefully we will be able to set something up with them this week again!
Then we also got a referral for a lady named Fei. We had gone to her house a while ago just randomly but she was getting ready for work or something so she couldn't talk and didn't seem interested. Well last week she was talking to her next door neighbor, who is a member, and Fei told her she wants to come to our church! Her husband passed away about a year and a half ago and she now lives alone. All of her family is in the Philippines still. She has been very lonely and feels something pulling her to the church. She was very excited when we stopped by her house and was glad that we told her we would sit by her at church. We are meeting with her this weekend for our first lesson with her. I am excited to see how she will progress!
There was another day that we were tracting and this Hispanic guy asked when we could come teach him! HELLO! Where do these people come from!? We had a lesson with him, but unfortunately he is more comfortable with having the lessons in Espanol! So he came to church with us yesterday (SO AWESOME) but we had to switch him to the Spanish Elders. He is so golden though!
The Visitors Center has been so great this week too. I am finding people everyday from Mesa or at least Arizona and always finding connections. I love it! There was a nonmember couple that came in the other day from Mesa. I gave them a tour of the Visitors Center and we talked about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. They both took Book of Mormons and gave me their phone number so I can follow up! Keeping my fingers crossed that they will actually read it!!
Life as a missionary is just amazing! The Lord is AMAZING! He is always there to bless us if we do our part. We have been doing so well lately, finding lots of people and I know it is nothing we do. We just are obedient and try our hardest and the Lord puts people in our path. We are just his instruments. It is amazing! I love life! And love you all! Hope you have a great week! :) Until next time..
Oh I forgot to tell you about my new mission president! I met him like 2 weeks ago and then we had out interviews with him and his wife last week. I LOVE THEM!!!!! They are so great. They are so loving! Sister Center is super quirky, I love it! I feel really comfortable with them and I know I can turn to them in anything! I feel so blessed to have them as my mission president!

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