Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013 Monday

Heyyy How's it going? Things are going great here!
Codie got baptized on Tuesday! It was so amazing! She was just beaming with light and so excited! She got her temple recommend that night too so she could go and do baptisms for the dead right away. She is awesome!
I never remember what I say the previous weeks so sorry if I repeat myself! I don't remember if I have talked about Leah, Gilberto, and Tiana.. I think I might have a while ago. Anyway, we had had 1 lesson with them like a month ago and they agreed to baptism but they have been super busy and going out of town so we haven't had another one. They have twins that are like a month and a half old and they have been sick and so that was part of why we hadn't met with them too. Well the babies got blessed yesterday in church. So good! And we are going to meet with them later this week so I think things are progressing with them again :)
Ok so crazy story.. So like 2 weeks ago Sister Sporl and I were walking to an appointment and this girl rides by on her bike and Sister Sporl thought it looked like a girl she taught in her very first area literally 18 months ago! Then a few days later we were walking in that same area and saw the girl again outside! Sister Sporl still wasn't sure if it was her though. Then that night we got a referral from the Spanish Elders to that home! We go over there the next day and it WAS the girl Sister Sporl thought. I guess this girl was going to get baptized! The font was filled and everything but she just never showed up! Ok then literally the next day we got a referral from someone in the mission office to that same home!!!! You think God really wants us to teach them huh!? So amazing! So we have an appointment set for tonight with them so we will see!!!!
The 4th of July was super fun too! Obviously not like the Heber Firework show but it was good! We went to a parade in the morning, then I worked at the Brigham young home and than that evening we had an activity with the Visitors Center sisters and then with our zone. We just played games and ate pizza, which I hadn't had my whole mission so far! So it was good :) 
It was kinda tough because we weren't able to tract that day so we felt behind a little bit but yesterday was the best tracting day yet! We got 3 return appointments from door knocking! That doesn't happen much! We have really been praying hard to find more investigators that have been prepared. So we meet with them all this week so we will see :)
The Lord is really so amazing. I think I have a new favorite chapter in the book of Mormon. Mosiah 24- I especially loves verses 13 and 14. The Lord is always there for us we just need to ask Him to be there and to have faith. Even if it's not in our timing He will lighten our burdens! You will all have to go read it again :)
Well hope you are all doing well! Hope your 4th of July was great, and hope you have a good week!
Love you!
Sister Summer Allen

4th of July with my MTC companions- Sister Luebbert and Sister Sordes

 4th of July with Sister Luebbert
Sister Bergreen served here in the Visitors Center but just finished up hre mission last week. She was the oldest missionary out. 90 years old!!!!!
Codie's baptism :)
Sister Sporl and I on the 4of of July

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