Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 22, 2013

Hello! How's it going? Sound like the fam is doing great! I can not believe that you're farewell is this Sunday and you leave in 2 weeks! Funny thing, I am talking in church this Sunday too and at the same time as your ward. So we will be freaking out together! Haha!
It was good to see David, Jessica and their kids yesterday. It doesn't make me homesick at all. Just nice to see some familiar faces. Although that usually happens a lot. I can almost always make a connection with someone everyday. The world is so small within the church!
Can you guess what this past week was? Yep, GREAT! Haha they always are. We are having a miracle baptism this weekend so how could I not be great!?
One of our investigators, Tiana was supposed to get baptized on Saturday but she pushed it back. They are in the process of moving so they are super stressed. We actually don't even know if she will get baptized before they move in a month. And who knows where they are moving so we will see..
So another one of our newer investigators.. Fei. I think I wrote about her last week. Well we had 2 lessons with her this week and she went to church again on Sunday. She is great. Right when we got into her house yesterday she asked "So how many lessons do I need to have before I can get baptized?" We hadn't even asked her to be baptized yet. She read our minds cause we were going to that day. She is SO prepared. She loves church and has already gotten so many answers found in the Book of Mormon and at church. from the first time we met here (the week before) to yesterday you can just tell the huge difference in her. She is so much more happier!! Her faith has grown a ton and she is just awesome. So as of now she is getting baptized this Saturday!!!! Miracle! She didn't wanna wait longer and we didn't see the point in it either. She had already been to church a bunch and just wants to be a member so badly! So pray that it'll go through.
Our other new investigator from the previous week, Hailee is wanting to get baptized too. We only have 1 lesson left before she can. She is just waiting on her dad so hopefully we can put her on date soon. She is 9 years old and so cute! Her parents are both just so awesome. They were last active but have been coming back to church and really have the desire to.
So this past week I had my first Zone Conference! Zone Conference is where 2 zones get together and we get to have training from the Mission President, his wife, the assistants and others. It was so great!!! I just love President and Sister Center so much! They are hilarious and just so loving!!!!! We are so blessed to have them.
Well I think that is my week in a nut shell! Love you all!

Sister Sordes, Sister Luebbert, and I at Zone Conference!
Glasses Day
Elder Ramirez, Sister Loski, Me, and Sister Sporl
David and Jessica and their kids

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